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  1. Maria,

    We’re so sorry you’ve been unable to reach a rep. If you wouldn’t mind sending your contact information to resolve@healthykids.org so we can locate your account and then follow up with you directly to provide some guidance, we would really appreciate it. Thank you!


  2. I have called Healthy Kids for the past 3 days and I haven’t been able to speak with a representative. I am aware of the updates but I need to change my daughter’s insurance. She just turned 5 and I received a Staywell card but her Peds does not accept that insurance. What can I do?

  3. Emily,

    We’re so sorry for the confusion. We need more information in order to locate your account, so in order to keep your personal contact information private, could you please send an email to resolve@healthykids.org with your name and phone number? We have someone standing by that will call you once we receive the email. Thanks!


  4. I keep getting notices that my child’s health insurance is going to be cancelled due to non payment. The information is not correct. I just sent in bank acct info of the last 5 months of payment. This is the second time. The computers are down til oct 1?!? How does an organization like this just turn off? Plenty of computer use to send out cancellation notices though? I’ve called and customer service has no answers. No chat. No email. Contacting someone who can tell me what’s going on has been impossible. I’m past irritated. Please any help at all would be more then appreciated.

  5. On renewal income eligibility: How does it work if you have lost your job, you have virtually no income first year, then you get high temporary income as self employed for three months, say $30000, then you have no income and you don’t know if you’ll get more? Do you assume $30000 total for year, or 0 because that is your actual current, most recent income, or do you use last years income of $10000?

  6. Mike,
    Thanks for all your patience and for notifying us on here and Facebook. We are so glad to hear of your past satisfaction with Healthy Kids but apologize for the recent issues you’ve been experiencing! Please let us know if our representatives have sufficiently assisted you.

  7. Jennifer,
    We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re happy that you have spoken to a representative who will work on resolving these issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

  8. I’ve emailed all the information that was required for my sons account and still haven’t received a response or call to see if everything was received and what happens next. I’ve been trying to get this taken care of since April. This is my second attempt to apply for him.

  9. Is there a phone number of someone I could have that can trouble shoot an issue for me? I submitted my proof of income (1099) and called to verify it was received and was told all is good. Then yesterday in the mail I get a cancellation notice for both my kids! I was so upset I was literally shaking yesterday. How can they just cancel us with no warning? I sent in my 1099 again, a schedule C, and a business ledger. I can’t send in paycheck stubs because I don’t get any. I can’t send in a W-2 because I get a 1099 not a W-2. I was told my information has been received, but that it will take a week before I am told if I’m good to go. I am supposed to go on a volunteer youth trip as a chaperone next week and will be out of contact by email and limited phone access. I don’t want to come back to learning my children have no coverage. Coverage is supposed to expire at the end of next week. Can anyone please help me? I should also add that I am very, very, very happy with FL Health Kids coverage. It’s been a Godsend to my family and we are so very blessed to have this resource in Florida. Also I know about the main number, they just tell me there is nothing they can do and if I want to speak to a supervisor they will just say the same thing.

  10. Hi Brittney,
    Including the time your payment takes arrive in the mail, it typically takes 7-10 business days to post to your account. Your payment should be processed in a few days. Please let us know if you have any other questions or we can further assist. Thank you!

  11. I mailed my payment in a week ago and it still has not posted to my account. How long does it usually take to receive a mail in payment and for it to show up on my account?

  12. I need to speak to a actual person about my account, alot of my information that I faxed was not received an I applied since Feb. But all the operator is saying is that they still need the info. I already sent, my application is going to expire soon and I need to speak to someone Asap.

  13. How can I speak to a live rep when calling into the toll free number? I have questions in regards to my account.

  14. Does Florida kidcare check into those applying? I know someone who is applying for their daughter and is stating its juts her and her daughter in the household, when in fact their are 5 adults total living in the home. Isn’t this fraud?

  15. Hi there. I have kidcare for my son and recently applied for my daughter since her mediciad ended. I checked on her status online and it says that my son is merely another household member. Why is he not covered anymore? On the application I stated that I was just applying for her since he already had coverage through kidcare. My income never changed- I sent the same 2011 w-2’s that I sent in when my son’s coverage was up for renewal. Please get back to me soon!

  16. Good morning Mariana,

    You can follow up by calling 1-800-821-5437. Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss the details of your application status or account on this forum.

    Thank you,

  17. Hello FHKC, I re-checked and the actual date I applied was Oct 10 (8 weeks ago), the account is still under review. How can I get an answer on what is going on with the application? thank you for your help.

  18. Good afternoon Mariana,

    Due to federal and state laws, any medical expenses incurred before a child has coverage with Florida KidCare will not be covered by the program. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions for these laws. Regarding other options, we do not have information that we can provide or suggest. We recognize these are tough times for many and we hope that one day some changes may take place to consider such concerns.

    Thank you,

  19. Thank you FHKC, I will seat tight, I do have an account number that I check daily to see if it changes from “under review”.

    One general question, as this is the first time I am forced to apply for this program for my kids. What happens to a mother that has to take a child to a hospital with an emergency and the Florida Kid Care program application is still under review? I am so afraid my child will be denied care or stuck with charges I will never be able to pay… can someone tell me options for such emergencies?

    These are times of despair, not sure about the rest of the people here but what a tough situation this is…

    thank you for responding to my concerns,


  20. Good morning Mariana,

    The review process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. You can continue to check your application status online at https://www.healthykids.org/account/. You should have received a letter saying your application was received. On that letter, a family account number was provided to help you log on. You can also call 1-800-821-5437 for an update. Please note that our call volumes are higher than normal resulting in longer than usual wait times.

    Thank you,

  21. Good afternoon Ms. Force,

    Please call 1-800-821-5437 for questions about records of enrollment. Please note that our call volumes are higher than normal resulting in longer than usual wait times.

    Thank you,

  22. Hello, I applied about a month ago and the status of the application is stil under review. I really need my kids to be covered. How long is this process? and why is taking so long? I have also tried the sending a message directly and there is no reply.
    thank you for your help.

  23. I am looking for records of enrollment for my daughter. I need them for a delayed birth certificate. She was enrolled in healthy kids about 6 years ago.

  24. Good morning Ms. Bitner,
    Your daughter cannot have Healthy Kids coverage on her own. It has to be through parents or a legal guardian. She is still eligible to participate in Healthy Kids until the end of the month of her 19th birthday. If her permanent address is still your home, then that is the address you provide even if she is in college. For more information you can call 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,

  25. Good morning Ms. Jones,

    Thank you for contacting us. We do apologize if we missed your previous comments or questions. For account specific questions, it is best to call 1-800-821-5437 that way a customer service representative can review your account while on the phone with you. You can also email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and phone number.

    Thank you,

  26. Hello my daughter was on Medicaid along with my other two children, now she is 18 and in college. I didn’t realize Medicaid would end when she went to college. Are there any other options for healthcare? The healthy kids application is confusing because technically she is not living in the household she is at a florida college. How does that work? Does she apply on her own?

  27. Hello and Good Evening,

    My name is Shannon Jones, and I recently sent a comment not too long ago, but it appears as though there has not been a response as of yet. I have a few issues that I would like addressed, so if someone could simply email me, I would appreciate it. It’s concerning coverage, and the fact that I have a substantial credit on my account, but I am unable to get the account adjusted to where it will not automatically take the money out of the account, since there is such a substantial credit. I pay the full premium amount each month for both of my children due to my income, so it would be great not to have to pay the premium at the beginning of December. Christmas is coming! :) Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Shannon L. Jones

  28. It is really sad that if a family member gets a part-time job ,. your premium will jump up higher the the earned income your family will receive from working that part-time job. Add in the cost of transportation and child care. It costs a low income family more money than they get paid for going to work. What a sorry state the system is in,.. Guess I’ll need to quit my job in order to afford the health care cost of my family.. Because it is more affordable to pay reduced premiums than the full cost that comes with going to work,.. and No, my employer is to small to have to offer me insurance,.. Thank you for your help. I guess my family is financially and emotionally better off if I stay unemployed.

  29. Good afternoon Cherish,

    Sorry about the incomplete response. Based on the information you have provided, the answer is no you do not have to provide the father’s information if he is not a member of your household and does not provide income for your household.

    Thank you,

  30. Good Morning,
    I appreciate the response to my question but let me clarify. I understand I have to give All household income, that was not my question, my question is would I Have to give Fathers Information if he is not involved at all including with income. the father provides for nothing and has never provided for anything.
    Thank you.

  31. Ms. Bergey,

    You provided two identical comments on this forum. We responded to one to avoid providing duplicate responses. As stated on this forum and on Facebook, your information and concern has been forwarded to our customer service department for review. A customer service specialist will contact you with an update as quickly as possible.

    Please note that we are unable to provide any information or updates about your account on this forum or on Facebook. All additional questions or concerns should be directed to 1-800-821-5437 until you receive a call from customer service. Again, we do apologize for the frustration and we hope to resolve this quickly.

    Thank you,

  32. Please see your comments above? You mean that you do not even think I am worthy of a personal response from you? Thanks for your caring.

    So far, all the people I contact within any government agency regarding this doesn’t care one little bit. They are just doing their jobs for the paycheck. So much for customer service and taking pride in helping people.

  33. Good morning Gina C.,

    If you would like to contact the corporate office for Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, you can mail to 661 E. Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor, Tallahassee, FL 32301
    or you can fax to 850-224-0615.

    Thank you,

  34. Good morning Jasmin,

    Thank you for your comment. We certainly recognize the frustration in this situation. Through this blog, we do not have access to your account, but if your coverage is not effective until Dec. 1, any services you receive before that date will not be covered.

    Thank you,

  35. By the way… I have sent 6 emails to Kid Care through my online account, and never received an answer to any of my questions during the renewal process.

  36. My 14 year old son has had Healthy Kids for about 4 years now. Every year I submit my documentation to renew and every year I follow up to make sure that Kid Care has everything they need. This year it took three submissions of the same information and six follow up phone calls but it finally got entered into the system.

    I got a renewal approval letter, and a new premium notice.

    Imagine my surprise when today I get a letter from Kid Care that my son’s coverage is being terminated as of 11/30/12 because I did not comply with the DCSF. I never applied for anything with DCFS. They never asked me for anything. I have spent two and a half hours on the phone with both agencies today only to be told that they cannot help me. DCFS says they cannot see any information on the case to contact KidCare. KidCare says that they cannot see any information and to contact DCFS.

    The result, my son will no longer have health insurance. Please help me.

    I have asked for a review of my son’s case with Kid Care, but they say they can’t help. I have asked to speak to supervisors, but they can’t help either. If anyone asked me for any information, I would supply it, but no one has asked me for anything. What am I supposed to do when two Government Agencies both say the other is responsible and they cannot help, and my son is stuck in the middle.

    Please tell me what I am supposed to do here. I cannot supply something that I have not been asked for and DCFS has never even heard of my needing.

    Please help me. I am a single mom taking care of an adult child with mental health problems, a fourteen year old, my ex-husband, and a household all by myself. With the economy the way it is, I have to work so hard just to make ends meet. I have not asked for a Government handout. I have not applied for Medicaid. I want to continue to pay what I can for my son’s insurance. I cannot afford to lose any more time from work to call people who will not help me anyway.


    Amy Bergey

  37. My son was approved through Medikids. I am trying to add Staywell as his insurance carrier. I have spoken to Staywell, who has confirmed that they accept Medikids in Broward County, yet I am being told otherwise by Medikids. Although even the Medikids website states that Staywell is available in Broward, they keep telling me that they can not add that carrier. Who can I speak to about this?

  38. I’ve been on healty kids for about a year…my 12 yr son been healthy until yesterday he had major truma..I’ve literally been having a run around for 6 hours with a no care in voice of not connecting me to a resource that can help with my sons truma..I was calling to push the referral ASAP with specialist stating he needs to be seen ASAP…situation they finally said I’m active but no coverage till next month and they show i have a credit for following month..I spoke with a supervisor she said she will try to send document to corporate and make note of it to see if he or she may speed up process and see if they can use my credit for this month ..I ask if I can have a contact number to corporate and she stated there is no contact…so left it alone and called back 30 min just to see if there was any notes ..when I spoke with another reresentative she stated no and don’t know what I was talking about when it came to corporate…my son 12 year old is on major pain. With face swollen .it sucks they expect me to feed him pain killers till the next month..it really sad how this system works especially when one been with the company for about a year and is now in definitly in need of help and no one can lead me to a resource that can help coverage for his situation..

  39. Hi,

    I wanted to contact corporate because there are some unfair procedures with my case happening. I sent an email to an email address listed here, but I want to make sure that I speak to someone from corporate regarding these matters. How can I contact someone who can effectively look into my case and help me. Thank you.

  40. Hi! Trying to find health insurance for my children…ages 2 and 6. And could not through Medicaid because I refuse to give father information, very personal reasons why, And was given a hard time because of this reason.My question is would I be able able to get them health insurance through here without giving their father information?? Thank you.

  41. again I call and get no answers i call several times a week no one can tell me why my daughter is not pending insurance all i get is told to call back in a couple more days, this has been going on since September. My daughters health is now at risk, you have everything you need from me and i have passed the 4-6 week review period. How am I supposed to ever find out what is going on if no one in the customer service center can help?

  42. Good morning Jenna,

    We do apologize for the frustration; however, this is blog is a public forum and we are unable to provide account information here. You will have to call the customer service number to speak with a representative who has access to your account and can help resolve the problem. The number is 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,

  43. Good morning Ms. Garcia,

    ID cards are sent from the health plans within 7-14 business days of active coverage. Please call your health plan directly to have the cards mailed to your home.

    Thank you,

  44. Ok so I got a response to the email I sent to help@healthykids.org and it simply advised me to call the customer service center!!! I am not getting any help there and they only make more problems than they fix, Please help My children need health insurance coverage.

  45. I sent documents requested to complete application to mailing address stated on the website (P.O. Box 980 in Tallahassee). A day later I received a letter requesting to send these documents to P.O. Box 591 in Tallahassee. Is it necessary to send the documents to P.O. 591 or will the Kidcare workers be able to forward them to the right department?

  46. I have sent the email as requested and I still have not heard from anyone. My children need medical coverage ASAP and I have already paid November and Decembers premium yet only one of my four children on the account are covered. My youngest needs to have her tonsils removed and her health is suffering. Please let me know what else I can do to help things along.

  47. I was wondering how I could receive an ID Card for my daughter, I never received one and I need to take her to the Doctors office within the next few weeks. Can you please inform me on how to receive one.

  48. Good morning Ms. Marshall,

    Unfortunately, we can not assure you of eligibility until we have received a completed application and all required documents and the review process is completed. The review process is approximately 4-6 weeks.

    Typically families with a gross monthly income less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level pay $15 or $20 a month. Families with higher incomes are only eligible for the full pay option which is $196 per month per child for kids 1-4 years old. The cost is $141 (with dental) per month, per child for kids 5-18 years old. If your child is covered by another insurance and she is approved for Florida KidCare coverage, the KidCare coverage will not begin until she is not covered by any other insurance. Federal and state law requires the child have no insurance in order to use the KidCare program.

    Thank you,

  49. Good morning Francis Doran,

    The documentation required can be seen here: https://www.healthykids.org/apply/. Typically, families with a gross monthly income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level pay $15 or $20 a month. Families with higher incomes are only eligible for the full pay option which is $196 per child for ages 1-4 years old and $141 (with dental) per child for ages 5-18 years old.

    Unfortunately, we cannot confirm elgibility and coverage for your child without reviewing the application. The application review process is approximately 4-6 weeks from the date we receive all required information. If your child is covered by another insurance and she is approved for Florida KidCare coverage, the KidCare coverage will not begin until she is not covered by any other insurance. Federal and state law requires the child have no insurance in order to use the KidCare program.

    Thank you,

  50. Good morning Mr. Rivera,

    We are sorry to hear that your experience with us has been unsatisfactory. Please see our complaint process below:

    If your application for KidCare coverage has been denied, the premium you pay has increased, or your child’s KidCare coverage has been canceled, you may request a review of these actions. You may also request a review if your child’s health services have been denied, terminated or reduced. You have to ask for the review within 90 days of these actions. If your child’s doctor or health plan determines that the 90-day timeframe could seriously jeopardize the child’s health or recovery, you can request an expedited review.

    If you request a review within 10 working days of the date of this notice, your child’s coverage/services may be continued, at the prior level, pending the review. You may request a review if your child’s coverage will be canceled or has been canceled within the past 60 days because you are unable to pay the premium due to a decrease in your income. Documentation of your current household income will be required. To request a review or for more information, please call customer service toll-free at 1-800-821-5437, send an email to resolve@healthykids.org, or send a fax to 1-866-867-0054, Attention: Dispute Resolution.

    Thank you,

  51. Good morning Jenna,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant encounter with our customer service center recently. That is certainly not our standard and we would like to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Please send an email to help@healthykids.org. Be sure to include your family account number and your phone number.

    Thank you,

  52. We have no coverage now because I had to resign from my job due to medical issues, I have applied for KidCare for my daughter today, we need to go with my husbands employers insurance for ourselves asap. On web sheet it says to send required documents but does not tell me which, can I find out if she will be accepted and cost, if I don’t put her on husbands insurance now will not be able to later. Can someone call me immediately….Thank you

  53. How can I be assured that my children would be eligible for coverage if I drop them from my current employer plan? How can I get an estimate of what the monthly cost would be? I am only able to make changes through my current employer plan once per year which is during this month of November.

  54. Good morning German Cordero,

    You will need to contact your health plan directly to get the insurance cards. Typically them send them out within 7-14 business days. We do apologize for the delay.

    Thank you,

  55. Good morning, I carry insurance coverage for the family through the hospital in which I am employed. As of 2013, the rates are increasing a great deal. I am interested in enrolling our two children in the healthykids medical and dental program. I would like to ask someone some questions regarding possible coverage, but only get a recorded message w/ prompts for things that don’t apply to me at this time when I call your listed number. Is there another number to call, or can a representative contact me? Thank you so much.

  56. Hi. i got approval letter for my boy since October, made November and December payments and still waiting for the insurance cards, please help.

  57. I had a very unsatisfactory phone call this morning with one of your customer service supervisors and I need to know how to complain up the chain of command. I have never been treated with such disrespect and refuse for him to note my account that all my calls are to be transferred to him, This is UNACCEPTABLE. I am simply trying to make sure all four of my children are covered with health insurance and this process has been one nightmare of an issue after the next. I have 1 of 4 children active on my account, and my children have been removed and re-added several times once stating to me that my fiance and children moved out!!!! that is outrageous!

  58. I like the helpful information you provide in your
    articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  59. I have used Florida Healthy Kids for more than 8 y years. And mostly due to bad hires in this agency I find that at times my sons health have been put in jeopardy. More than a college degree, your department should seek empathy of peoples lives which your division lacks.

    This habit Florida Kids has to take an account and covert it to Medicaid out of the blue with absolutely no concern or discussion with the account holder is a simply the proof of disconnection this State health office has towards its account holders. I would have no understanding why would a parent with one child making $2,800 a month would qualify for medicaid… I simply do not understand why would the state put someone in medicaid when they can pay a Florida KidCare Premium with absolutely no problem.

    I would like a persons name and address so I can file a formal complaint against Florida Kids Care so the people can be aware of what is going on in this division that is supposed to help people and instead it seems they are doing anything to drive plans users away leaving children exposed to health issues circling in red tape.

    I would like to take this to the media to seek some help and to let other people know what this people are doing with childrens lives when it comes to health care. Its simply sad to see people that are supposed to be helping people, just do anything to make their lives extremely hard.

    Please provide formal information for a formal complaint against the Florida Healthy Kidcs.org

    Any reply will be appreciated as this seldom ever happens from your agency.

  60. Good morning Alex Ryk,
    1. Initially a plan is selected for you. However, you do have the option to change plans. Visit https://flhealthykids.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/fall-is-the-season-for-health-plan-choices/ for steps on changing a plan.

    2. The review process is approximately 4-6 weeks. Within this timeframe, a letter will be sent if additional information is needed and/or to let you know the status of your application. A family account number will be provided on the letter so that you can also check online or by calling 1-800-821-5437.

    3. Typically, full pay families are approved if all the required documentation is provided. There is currently no cap on enrollment for the program.

    Thank you,

  61. 1. Is it possible to choose which health (and/or dental) provider of the two available in the area to enroll with once approved for full premium or will it be assigned to you without possibility of choosing?
    2. If application was submitted online and paystubs mailed in right after, how soon and in which manner will I receive an account number to be able to follow up with application?
    3. Does everyone gets approved for full premium if not income eligible? Anyone denied due to state funds/quantity of participants limit?

  62. Good morning Ms. Sans,

    We do apologize for your unsatisfactory phone call that you had this week. Is there a specific issue that you need help with? If so, please email help@healthykids.org for assistance. Additionally, if you would like your concern seen by the executive director of Florida Healthy Kids, you can mail it to:

    Executive Director
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation
    661 E. Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    Thank you,

  63. Hi, I don’t understand why the premium increased. My son will be out of coverage because of this increase. I want to cancel it.

  64. Hello,

    I applied for medikids for my 4 yr old and was approved many months later after submitting updated income to Kidcare. After being on kidcare/Medikids for one month a letter was sent stating her medikids was cancelled and she was now enrolled in medicaid. Medicaid had processed the application without the updated income information and based it on the lower income. I have been trying to call in my updated income to dis-enroll in Medicaid because we are over income limits for that program but when I finally get through to the DCF Medicaid number at 866-762-2237 after DAYS of trying they sated they could not update or do anything with her case because it is considered a “kid care” originated case and told me to call Kidcare. When I called Kidcare they told me I had to talk to medicaid. I am left at a dead end with both parties pointing a finger to each other and no one can get my daughter off Medicaid and back onto medikids where our income dictates she should be placed. Please advise :(

  65. Good morning Monica,

    According to the Federal Poverty Level guidelines, a family of four would need to make less than $3,842 per month (gross) to qualify for subsidized coverage. A family with income greater than that is only eligible for the full pay options which are $141 per month, per child 5-18 years old (this includes dental) and $196 per month, per child 1-4 years old. The best way for us to determine your monthly premium is for you to submit an application for review. The review process is 4-6 weeks. For more information, please visit http://www.floridakidcare.org.

    Thank you,

  66. I had a very unsatisfactory phone call this morning with one of your customer service supervisors and I need to know how to complain up the chain of command. I have been a customer for over 13 years and have never been treated the way I was treated this morning. We are never late with a payment and have an overpayment on our account. We were required to send additional information that we have NEVER been required to send before. I need to discuss this at a higher level. Who do I contact? Thank you.

  67. My husband makes about $60,000 a year…how much would we have to pay for a family of 4 for healthy kids?

  68. I have been around & around with MCNA Dental, your only dental provider available, since July regarding an extraction of two baby molar teeth. My daughter has had to be on antibiotics twice due to reoccuring abscess while they continue to deny authorization to the only dentist on “their” provider list, which is still an hour away from our home. We have had to make two trips to the dentist because of MCNA & they just denied the anesthesia for the procedure that their dentist says is not optional so our option is to pay the $600 for the anesthesia, file a grievance which is another 90days all so it is denied again. My hands are tied as I cannot pay the $600 & the insurance will not pay for anesthesia for any child that does not have a mental handicap.. my 8yr old child is supposed to sit in a chair for over an hour, keeping her mouth open the entire time for this extraction without anesthesia- meaning do everything locally?!?! (which I reminded you MCNA dentist will not do anyway) Florida HealthyKids should really re-evaluate this dental provider because I’ve been told by numerous people on this same plan & 3 dentist offices that they too are have large amounts of denials on services from MCNA. It is very discouraging as a mother to not be able to do anything for her child in pain because of an insurance company!! I have filed a formal complaint, appealed their decision AND currently filing a grievance with MCNA all for 2 baby molars.. I do not see an end to this ridiculousness until I can pay for the anesthesia myself!

  69. Good morning Ms. Ramos,

    Thank you for contacting us. The application review process is approximately 4-6 weeks. Additionally, we are unable to provide account updates on this forum. Please call 1-800-821-5437 or email help@healthykids.org for a status update.

    Thank you,

  70. Good morning Amber,

    You can submit an application at any time, but it will more than likely be denied for the program because your child is still covered under Medicaid. You can submit an application in December and when it is close to the time for your child’s Medicaid coverage to end, you can call 1-800-821-5437 to speak with a customer service representative who should be able to provide information about the status for KidCare.

    Thank you,

  71. Good morning Mr. Anthony,

    In 2008, Senate Bill 2654 was introduced and approved. This bill created the Steven A. Geller Austism Coverage Act. The bill was passed; however, all provisions regarding the Florida KidCare program were removed from the final version of the bill that was passed by the House and the Senate.

    If you have additional questions regarding this law, please contact the Florida Senate or House.

    Thank you,

  72. My daugter no longer qualifies for Medicaid and is uninsured. She needs to go to the doctor as she has been sick and is recovering from some sugeries. I applied 3 weeks ago online and I still have not heard anything. Could I please have an update on the status of her application. Thank you.

  73. My children will lose their current health insurance coverage in December of this year. Do I have to wait until then to apply for FL healthy kids or can I get the process started now? I do not want them to have a lapse in coverage, please advise. Thank you

  74. Can you help me understand why it is they do not cover autism treatments? I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around why the state of Florida has passed a bill mandating that insurance companies cover autism treatments, but the state’s own insurance program doesn’t cover it? Also, there was a ruling that Florida Medicaid another state insurance program must cover autism treatments. How/why is there a double standard? Thank you for your help.

  75. Good afternoon Mr. Anthony,

    Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, Florida KidCare does not cover Autism nor is the program required to under the law/statute. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

    Regarding your other questions about full pay, yes, we do offer full pay options for families with incomes that exceed the 200% Federal Poverty Level.

    Thank you,

  76. Hello, my 4 year old child has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. I was wondering if Florida Kid Care might be a way to get him the medical care he needs? Do the Florida Kid Care programs provide and cover the care required by Florida Statute 627.6686 The Steven A Geller Autism Coverage Act? I doubt we will qualify for medicaid. Are there full pay options and if so is there a cap on income to qualify for the full pay option? I currently have insurance coverage for my family through my employer, but since it is “self funded” they can get around the law that requires them to pay for autism treatment, so it is doesn’t pay for anything my child needs in order to have the best life possible. Would I have to cancel my private health insurance and then apply for Florida Kid Care? How should I fill out the application? I’m afraid if I answer “yes” to the question “does this child have health insurance now” it will result in an automatic denial from Kid Care. I’m more than willing to pay full price for the insurance, I just need access to insurance that provides for my child’s special needs! Is there a specific person at Florida Kid Care who is knowledgeable about autism and can help me get coverage for my child and help us make sure that we sign up for the best plan for children with autism? Any help or advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  77. Good morning Ms. Marquez,

    The person to complete the application should be the one who is deemed the primary place of residence (even if you have joint custody). Even though your ex-husband has court orders, state and federal law require that the person with primary place of residence complete the application. The other parent can be added to the account for access to the information.

    Thank you,

  78. My ex-husband and I share custody of my son, my ex is required to keep insurance on my son per the divorce papers, the divorce papers also state that neither one of us will receive child support because we share custody. He has recently lost his job and will not be able to provide it anymore. I was wondering if my son will qualify for healthy kids, and which one of us will have to fill out the application. When I tried to get state help for food they told me I HAD to take him for child support, we have an agreement and I don’t want to do this. Can you please help me?? I tried to call the 888-540-5437 # and it is automated and won’t allow me to contact a person, is there another # available to ask someone questions?

  79. Hi,
    I have paid the last three months $196.00 for my son to be enrolled in the Staywell Program. Not one of these months has he been able to go to the dr because the healthy kids system kept rejecting the program for some reason. I thought I had it resolved every month because I was actually calling and talking to a person and choosing Staywell. I even received a letter stating he had Staywell. I took him to the Dr. last week and they said they could not take him because he didnt have Staywell. I am so frustrated now due to all the money I wasted and he was not able to see his dr. I finally think it is resolved because I got a phone call back stating he is now on Staywell for the month of oct. Is there a way I can get refunded for Aug and Sep since I basically paid for nothing?? Thanks

  80. Good afternoon Brenda,

    You can apply at anytime. If the application is denied due to Medicaid, you can call 1-800-821-5437 once the Medicaid coverage has ended and request an application review.

    Thank you,

  81. Good morning Ms. Jenkins,

    It should be covered. However, prior authorization may be required. Our health and dental plan liaison is checking on this now. Please check back here in a couple days for an update.

    Thank you,

  82. Good afternoon Ms. Richardson,

    Changes to your dental plan can only be made at renewal time or during the choice period, which is not until next year for dental. However, if you meet one of the following good cause reasons, a change can be made:

    A. The enrollee moves out of the area.
    B. The health plan does not, because of moral or religious objections, provide the service the enrollee seeks.
    C. The enrollee needs related services to be performed at same time; not all related services are available within the network; and the enrollee’s primary care provider or another provider determines that receiving the services separately would subject the enrollee to unnecessary risk.
    D. Other reasons, including but not limited to: poor quality of care, lack of access to services or lack of access to providers experienced in providing care needed by enrollee.
    E. The enrollee has an active relationship with a health care provider who is not on the health plan’s network but is in the network of another participating health plan that is open to new enrollees.
    F. The health plan no longer participates in the county in which the participant resides.
    G. The enrollee’s health plan is under a quality improvement plan or corrective action plan relating to quality of care with the Corporation.

    Please call 1-800-821-5437 if you meet a condition and need assistance with making a change.

    Thank you,

  83. My step-son fell and broke the crowns on his front teeth. We are being told that crowns are not covered by MCNA however they are listed with FHK as a covered benefit. He is stuck with the nubs until we can pay out of pocket. Is this correct?

  84. For the full pay program, is there an income limit at which you would not qualify for to be in the program even at the full pay rate? Thank you.

  85. For the full pay program, is there an income limit at which you would not qualify for to be in the program even at the full pay rate? Thank you.

  86. Good afternoon Ms. Dennis,

    Regarding your questions: enrollment in our program is year round and renewal is annually based off your start date. You can certainly apply now, but if you are approved, coverage will not begin until your child is uninsured. As it relates to the therapy sessions, unfortunately the number is set. Any sessions beyond that will not be covered by the program. For more details on the coverage, you would need to speak with the health plan you would be enrolled with once your coverage is approved.

    Thank you,

  87. Thank you so much for your prompt reply to post #383. This blog is such a valuable resource. I have a few more questions…1) Is the Helathy Kids program open for enrollment currently or is there a waiting list? 2) My child is currently insured but there is ZERO coverage for anything related to autism such as speech therapy and occupational therapy. Would I cancel his coverage because it is basically useless and doesn’t cover his health care needs and then apply for healthy kids, or apply for healthy kids an then cancel his current insurance once he is accepted into healthy kids? 3) I looked at the page you suggested for more details about coverage for speech and occupational therapy and it says under “rehabilitative services” that it was “limited to 24 treatment sessions within a 60-day period per episode or injury”. How can I go about getting more details on the coverage? Doctor’s and other specialists have said that in all likelihood with the proper interventions now such as speech and occupational therapy my son will be able to integrate into regular classes with kids his own age, but I think it’s going to take longer than 60 days.

    Thank you so so much for your help and guidance.

  88. Why is it so difficult to resolve issues with Dentaquest? My boys had dental appointments and the Dentist Office told us that we did not have coverage. We contacted Health Kids and they told us that their coverage was active. We asked that they contact Dentaquest and get it straightened out. We were told that they coudn’t do anything about it. We were told the same thing by Dentaquest and the Dentist’s office. We had to cancel their appointments, which take forever to get and one of my boys needed to have two baby teeth pulled, because they are causing problems with the permanent teeth, that are trying to come out. So, what are we suppose to do? Who can take care of this? One would think that Dentaquest could call Healthy Kids, to verify coverage and in turn, call the Dentist Office. Now, it will be 3 months before we can get them an appointment, to see the Dentist!

    Totally Frustrated,

  89. I cannot get a representative at healthy kids. I would like to change my daughters’ dental plans, because no providers listed with dentaquest take dentaquest or have any appointments available unless it is an emergency.

  90. Good morning Ms. Mendoza,

    If you have general questions about the program, we can answer them here. If you have specific questions about your account, you can call customer service at 1-800-821-5437. Our call volume is higher than normal so the wait times have been a bit longer. You can call email your questions to help@healthykids.org.

    Thank you,

  91. Good morning Ms. Ramirez,

    Due to the personal information provided in your comment, we removed that information in order to post the comment and reply. Since you have been with our program before, you do not have to resubmit an application. You can call 1-800-821-5437 to get the review process started again; however you may be required to submit some additional information to make sure your file is updated.

    Thank you,

  92. How do I find out what plan I will be getting, and where do I find the plan documents for this plan? I will be paying the $134 a month for my plan, but don’t have any idea what plan it is or what it covers, and I need to see the deductible, co-pays, out-of-pocket maximum, whether or not it covers surgeries, etc. What plan will I be on, and where can I find what the plan covers?

  93. i would like to have an application for my daughter i was with you guys before but loose my job and medicaid gave insurance to my daughter now i get a new job an making less than a 35k and need your help again please send me the application my daughter insurance expired on 10/30.12 and i desperate please let me know what can i do my name is STELLA RAMIREZ I HAVE IT WITH YOU BEFORE CHECK MY RECORDS…..

  94. Thank you so much for your prompt reply to post #383. This blog is such a valuable resource. I have a few more questions…1) Is the Helathy Kids program open for enrollment currently or is there a waiting list? 2) My child is currently insured but there is ZERO coverage for anything related to autism such as speech therapy and occupational therapy. Would I cancel his coverage because it is basically useless and doesn’t cover his health care needs and then apply for healthy kids, or apply for healthy kids an then cancel his current insurance once he is accepted into healthy kids? 3) I looked at the page you suggested for more details about coverage for speech and occupational therapy and it says under “rehabilitative services” that it was “limited to 24 treatment sessions within a 60-day period per episode or injury”. How can I go about getting more details on the coverage? Doctor’s and other specialists have said that in all likelihood with the proper interventions now such as speech and occupational therapy my son will be able to integrate into regular classes with kids his own age, but I think it’s going to take longer than 60 days.

    Thank you so so much for your help and guidance.

  95. I am trying to talk to a live person regarding me account. Please have someone call mee. Thanks.

  96. I actually did send the e-mail. I was just a little frustrated. They called today and are helping me. THANK YOU!!!!

  97. Good morning Ms. Stover,

    The answer is yes, but the amount and type of services your child would receive varies by health plan. Here are what a few of our health plans say about out of area coverage; however, we encourage you to contact your health plan for details.

    WELLCARE: Out-of-Area Emergency Care
    It is important to get care when you are sick or hurt. If your child gets sick while traveling, call Customer Service.
    If he/she has an emergency while traveling, go to a hospital. It doesn’t matter if you are not in the Plan’s service
    area. The Plan will cover services only within the United States and not outside the country. Show your child’s
    ID card. Call your child’s PCP as soon as you can. Ask the hospital staff to call Staywell Kids. If you have to pay
    for these services when you get them, write to our Claims department. They will need copies of your medical
    reports. Send copies of bills. Be sure to include proof of payment.

    UNITEDHEALTHCARE:What if My Child Needs Medical Care When We’re Out of Town?
    If your child needs emergency or urgent care while out of town, go immediately to the nearest Emergency Room (ER) or urgent care facility. You do not need a referral from your PCP. Call your PCP as soon as you can after you return

    Contact our toll-free customer department for out of network assistance

    Contact information for all plans can be found here: https://www.healthykids.org/benefits/providers/index.php

    Thank you,

  98. Good morning Ms. Dennis,

    Thank you for contacting us. We do offer full pay options for children 1-4 years old. The cost per month is $196. Please visit https://www.healthykids.org/benefits/medical/index.php for more information on occupational therapy coverage. If your family decides to apply, submitting your application online is easier than ever before https://www.healthykids.org/apply/. The review process is 4-6 weeks and once the child is approved, coverage will begin (however, he cannot have any other health insurance).

    Thank you,

  99. Hello, I wanted to find out if healthy kids had any options for me. My 4 year old son has been diagnosed with Autism. I know that we make too much money to qualify for any subsidized insurance but we don’t make enough to pay for the occupational therapy and speech therapy that he needs multiple times per week to be able to live a normal life, and hopefully transition into kindergarten with kids his own age. Are there any full pay options for us? Thank you.

  100. Good morning Ms. Caswell,

    The best way for us to determine the amount you would pay monthly is through review of your application. Typically, families with income less than 200% Federal Poverty Level pay $15 or $20 a month for all children covered under the plan. Families with incomes higher than 200% Federal Poverty Level are only eligible for the full pay option which is per child.

    Thank you,

  101. Good morning Marisol,

    If you would like to change your health plan, you can use one of these options:
    •Telephone: Call 1-800-821-5437. The Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    •Website: Log on to our website at http://www.healthykids.org and click on “My Account.”
    •Fax: Fax your choice to 1-866-695-1017. If you fax, be sure to include Family Account Number, parent name and health plan choice.

    Thank you,

  102. Hello! I have been trying to contact the office for some questions regarding on how to change my kids health plan. I’ve been hours waiting for costumer service and I have even left my phone # for them to call me back… would you help?

  103. Thank you, but I absolutely do not see the point. Even my almost 3-week old e-mails have not been answered that I sent through my account’s message center. As a parent I do not have the luxury to wait for help that will never come. I just want to close my application. Thank you!

  104. If my child is visiting his grandparents in Michigan and gets sick or injured there would Healthy Kids cover him?

  105. What about second question? And can I apply November 1st or will it still try kicking to Medicaid since his birthday isn’t until the 21st of November?

  106. My son will be turning 1 on November 21st. I need coverage as soon as possible. He did not qualify under Medicaid. What is the earliest I can apply and what is the earliest it would be effective?
    Also, is it safe to assume my son’s premium amount will be the same as my other son already covered?

  107. I’m not sure why i’m getting all the responses, purse help me stop getting all these emails.thank you

  108. Good morning DF,

    If there is frequent fluctuation in income, we can do an annual profit loss to get your yearly average or a quarterly average. However, you do not have to report any income changes until renewal time next year.

    Thank you,

  109. Good morning Ms. Stice,

    First, please accept our apologies for the confusion and frustration this has caused. If you would like, you can email help@healthykids.org with your family account number or social security number, we can have someone check the status of your account.

    Thank you,

  110. Where do I find the doctors on Staywell Insurance, my daughters were both just switched to this.

  111. I have 2 questions:
    1.Our family account is not due for renewal until June, but my husband has had a temporary increase in income from working a lot of overtime. Do I need to report an income change everytime he works overtime and his pay changes? If so, would I do another income change when they cut out his overtime and he is back to his base pay? Someone on the phone told me they don’t have to count his overtime, but I wasn’t sure if that was correct.

    2. I am self employed for 8 years but I have recently changed my type of business. My income is much more unpredictable now. One month it was $0 and another it might $300. I’m unsure of how to accurately estimate since I have no idea what it will be month to month.

    Thanks for your help.

  112. On your website it says it take 4-6 weeks to process the application. You also mentioned it above. During the past 6 weeks I sent in the requested papers 3 times. I also sent 3 e-mails through my account during the past 2 weeks. My account says that I am still missing all that paperwork. Also, nobody ever answered my e-mails. Oh, and forget about calling you; there is no point. If I had known it, I would not have wasted my time applying and spending money mailing you the documents. Please cancel my application! Thank you!

  113. Hi, my 0ne year old’s medicaid coverage will end on 10/31 and I currently have kidcare coverage for my seven year old. How do I get kidcare coverage for my one year old? Does it automatically happen or do I need to do something? I don’t need to send in my paystubs to medicaid because I know I no longer qualify but I just completed my review for Kidcare. I put my one year old’s information on the review when i did it back in August and she was a year then but still had medicaid.

  114. Both of my children need some kind of health insurance here in the state of Florida, as they have gone without for a least 8 months due to a cat and mouse chase with medicaid ( which by the way is a complete frustration and joke). I did do my healthy kids application on line and mailed all appropriate info, and received a letter telling me to send the info again! I faxed the info the last time and received another letter telling me the same thing as the last two letters ( which is send the info again)My question is was any of my info received or will this be another 8 months of frustration and no health insurance?

  115. Good afternoon Tameka J.,

    Please call 1-800-821-5437 and request a Medicaid review. Let the customer service representative know that your child’s coming off of Medicaid at the end of the month and that you would like your KidCare application re-processed with that information. This may help avoid an lapse in coverage.

    Thank you,

  116. My 1yr old medicaid will end 9/30/12, I’ve submitted an application for healthykids and was denied. Do i have to wait until next month when he have no coverage to reapply? I was trying to avoid him going without insurance.

  117. Hello. My daughter is enrolled in healthy kids. Will I recieve new insurance card, or do I just use her medicaid card?

  118. My daughter got enrolled in Medicaid by mistake. I’ve tried repeatedly to call, but I can’t get through to a human. I missed inputting the income on the online form. Please help me get this corrected.

  119. My 1yr old medicaid will end 9/30/12, I’ve submitted an application for healthykids and was denied. Do i have to wait until next month when he have no coverage to reapply? I was trying to avoid him going without insurance.

  120. Good morning Jennifer,

    Florida KidCare covers children until their 19th birthday. The coverage ends on the last day of the birth month. For example, if your son turned 19 on September 10th, his coverage would end on September 30th. Once a child ages out of Florida KidCare, he or she should look for other health coverage. Unfortunately, Florida KidCare cannot offer any suggestions for coverage.

    Thank you,

  121. Good morning Janet,

    For questions about Medicaid coverage, please call Medicaid directly at 1-866-762-2237. Regarding Florida KidCare, you can certainly apply once your child is 1 year old. However, if your income meets the Medicaid requirements, the baby will be put on Medicaid. Medicaid and Florida KidCare is based on household income and family size.

    Thank you,

  122. Hi my son has turned 19 nit is going to college someone told me that healthy kids still covers them is this correct? I got a letter stating that they would be canceling him as of September 20th. Thanks Jennifer

  123. I currently have a 10 month old I had Medicaid for him but recently close the account . I thought i couldnt receive medicaid because I’m currently with the father of the child what can I do to get coverage for the baby? Can I reopen it with both our income ? He recently receive a letter from childsupport stating that they were looking for him. I don’t want to put him on childsupport when we are currently together. Can I just reopen it and put both our income or wait till the baby one to apply for kidcare? Please email me I’m very confused and in need of guidance. Thank you

  124. Good afternoon LM,

    Thank you for contacting us. The answer to your question is no; we do not offer the dental portion alone. You do however have the option (if paying the full pay premium) to decline dental coverage, which under Healthy Kids, reduces the full pay cost to $121.

    Thank you,

  125. Am I able to obtain the dental portion only for my kids? They are 1 and 3. If yes, what is the full premium pay option for the dental and whom do I contact to request only the dental portion. Thank you.

  126. Hello! my daughters application has been approved, and I have paid the first payment. I was wondering how long will it take for coverage to begin?

  127. Good morning Amanda,

    The children must be living with the parent or guardian who has enrolled them in Florida KidCare. The children’s father will have to reapply under his name and you can submit a letter stating the children now live with him.

    Thank you,

  128. I am in the middle of renewing the FL Healthy Kids coverage on my kids, but the kids are now living with their father. What do we need to do to switch the coverage to his name? Will the kids have a lapse in coverage? Our daughter sees a doctor very regularly and she cannot afford to miss her medication.

  129. Good morning Gustavo,

    We are sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble reaching a live representative. If you like, you can email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and a brief description of your issue and we will have someone contact you. Also, the customer service number is 1-800-821-5437 just in case.

    Thank you,

  130. My family was also denied medicaid with a note “enrolled in medically needy with a share of cost”; however, i have a pending application with kidcare and healthy kids (3 kids). I need someone to call me, you can NEVER reach anyone live voice at the customer service numbers.

  131. Good afternoon Suegeilly,

    Ok, thank you for the clarification. This means that Florida KidCare will now review your application to determine what your monthly payment will be if approved. Also, if any additional information is needed, Florida KidCare will send you a letter telling you what else you should provide.

    Please note that families with an income below the 200% Federal Poverty Level pay $15 or $20 a month. Families with income above the 200% Federal Poverty Level are only able to participate in the full pay option which is $133/month (with dental) for children 5-18 years old; and $196 per month (with dental) for children 1-4 years old.

    The review process takes 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, you can call 1-800-821-5437 to talk with a representative about your application status.

    Thank you,


  133. Good morning Suegeilly Segarra,

    If you are trying to reach Florida KidCare customer service, please call 1-800-821-5437. Please note that during the review, the reviewers look to see if a chld qualifies for Medicaid. If so, then the application is sent to Medicaid for further review and approval or denial.

    Thank you,

  134. Good morning Suegeilly Segarra,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information about Medicaid statuses. If you have questions about your Medicaid application, please call 1-866-762-2237 for further assistance.

    Thank you,

  135. Can I have a CMCC rep call me Medicaid forward my application and I am trying to get status but it keeps saying wrong date of birth please help. My baby has diabetes and urges insurance. Thanks!

  136. Good morning Tameka J.,

    The review process is approximately 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, Florida KidCare will not cover any medical services before coverage is established. If you would like to speak with a customer service representative regarding the status of your application, please call 1-800-821-5437 for assistance.

    Thank you,

  137. Good morning Latoya,
    The review process is approximately 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, Florida KidCare will not cover any medical services before coverage is established. If you would like to speak with a customer service representative regarding the status of your application, please call 1-800-821-5437 for assistance.

    Thank you,

  138. I’ve been trying for a week to contact healthly kids. I have questions about the insurance and can’t reach a representative regarding my application. My 3 kids have no insurance and denied medicaid because of my income. My 1yr old need his shots and my 7 yr old need his asthma meds.

  139. I have applied and turned in all necessary information. I have to repeatedly take my son to the emergency room because he has no health insurance. It is impossible to get in contact with a representative because the system does not allow an option to wait. My son needs health insurance can someone contact me please !!!!!!

  140. Good morning John,

    Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no. Federal and state law requires that the child must be living with the parent applying for and receiving Florida KidCare regardless of court orders.

    Thank you,

  141. Good morning Amber C.,

    For more information about the health plan changes, you can visit https://flhealthykids.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/fall-is-the-season-for-health-plan-choices/. A letter was provided to program enrollees with information about the counties that will experience a change, as well as information on how to select a new health plan. If there are specific questions about the health plan, please contact UnitedHealthCare at 1-888-216-0015.

    Thank you,

  142. I have been court ordered to have medical insurance for my son. My employer does not offer insurance and I we have had Healthy Kids in the past. Is it possible to apply for Healthy Kids although my son does not live with me? His mother refuses to do it.

  143. I am writing on behalf of a Pediatric Clinic in Tampa, FL. We would like to know more about the changes happening with UHC FL Healty Kids, to better prepare our patients. Could you please send us any information regarding the effected counties? Thank you!

  144. I finally did get through to someone that is taking care of it for me. It just takes some persistance to get through.

  145. Hello,
    I need a way to call someone and get a human. I somehow mistyped my payment and paid $259 instead of $15. I have no clue how I made such a mistake but my bank says that I need to speak with you to have it reversed, but I cannot get to a live person. Please help I need this reversed as soon as possible

  146. Good afternong Deborah,

    Thank you for contacting us here and via email. After receiving your comment/concern via email, an email response was sent to you on Monday, September 10, 2012 acknowledging receipt and that our research department would review and get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,

  147. Good morning Ms. Germinal,

    If you have received a request from Florida KidCare to provide this information, you can email it to applyrenew.healthykids@acs-inc.com or fax it (toll free) to (866) 867-0054. It is unclear if you are submitting an application or renewal and if this documentation was requested from you. If it was, you can use one of the above.

    Thank you,

  148. Good afternoon Tiffany,

    Your email was received Monday, September 10, 2012 and has been provided to the research department for futher review. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact date for when you will receive follow up contact, but it should be by the end of this week.

    We apologize for any delays and/or frustration this may be causing. Please know that we are working diligently to address the situation and will contact you with an update as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,

  149. My 5 yr old son has been on Healthy Kids and I make regular payments. Recently I got a cancellation notice in the mail saying that there were missing documents. I went online trying to figure it out. I had to end up calling some number and got a real person on 08/24. She told me the missing info was needed for my oldest son who is already on medicaid and even though I’m not applying for him I still had to provide it. She told me to email those 2 documents immediately to the “applyrenew” email address and that she was putting a note in my file and contacting someone in the office to not cancel my youngest son’s coverage. I emailed the documents on 8/25 and his coverage was due to be cancelled on 8/31 but I was assured that it would not be. I logged on to his account on 9/08 and sure enough it was cancelled. My son is an asthmatic and has teeth problems that he is due dental work for so he cannot be without coverage. I have tried calling both of the numbers that you have mentioned for days and cannot get through to a person. I also emailed you yesterday with my account number and phone number but haven’t gotten a response. I really need help with this matter!!

  150. Can I send you guys my son employment authorization card by taking a picture and send to you guys via email.

  151. There is no way to get through to live agent. There is no customer service at the number provided. There are no agents available EVERY SINGLE time you call and no matter how many times you call back later, there are still no agents available. How do I get through to speak to someone regarding my son’s status. Someone called me from that Fla KidCare on Saturday but no message was left and I have no idea what I need to do next. Please help..

  152. Ive submitted my application sometime in July and I still have not recieved anything. My child needs a check up but how am I suppose to take her if I dont have enough money and no insurance? I call every week and it says the samething your application is being processed…its getting ridiculous!

  153. Good morning Ms. Dixon,

    We do apologize if there has been error made on our end. Please call 1-800-821-5437 for instructions on submitting documentation for an income review. We will certainly make the appropriate adjustments as necessary.

    Thank you,

  154. i recently just submitted an application and read a question totally wrong and answered it wrong too, is there anyway i can go back now and change that question now? i tried to log in but i dont have an acct number or anything. thank you

  155. Our son was approved for MediKids with a monthly premium of $196.00. I contacted a KidCare representative due to our ‘pay in full’ amount. They advised me that you are showing our monthly gross is over $5,000. This is not correct and where did this figure come from?? My husband is the only one working and he is a K-12 teacher. His yearly salary is below the FPL of 200% (family of 3, with another child due in March 2013). HELP! I believe someone read his paychecks incorrectly. We cannot afford this monthly premium. Is there a way someone could re-evaluate our income? Where can I resend his two most recent pay stubs, to help if need be?

  156. Hello! Iam trying to get a hold of someone. I need help and can not get a hold of a life person through the 800-821-5437. Been trying on and off for days. Its crazy! Says my child has health insurance but when try to call where the automated recording says she has they do not have any record of her. Very upsetting when my money has been taken out of my account and for what???? Any advice would bee greatly appreciated!

  157. Necesito hablar con alguien sobre la respuesta recibida de Kids Care. A que numero puedo comunicarme para hablar con un representante?

  158. Florida Healthy Kids, a Florida KidCare partner, does not encourage anyone to provide false information on their applications. Income documentation is required for every applicant at the initial application and during the renewal process, regardless of income.

    Due to federal and state laws, families with a gross monthly income that is above the 200% federal poverty level are only eligible for the full pay option which varies depending on the age of the child. Families with incomes less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level pay a subsidized amount. As it stands, the federal and state governments have not made any changes to this law.

    If any family would like a review of their income for possible premium adjustment, please call 1-800-821-5437 for assistance.

    Thank you,

  159. I know what you mean.. I have always paid my kids insurance since they were born (15yrs) thru my work. Now that I am in financial need, This year I could not renew my kids insurance and Healthy Kids wants me to pay them $400/mo after I voluntarily submitted my wages. I could have withheld some information for my benefit, but I am honest person and I would never do that. Unfortunately this is how there system work, you have to lie in order to get benefits and all of us that have to pay “Full Option” are the ones paying for these people that are making a lot more money than us.

  160. Good morning Ramaster,

    If the children currently have health insurance, say yes on the application and then note that the premium is more than 5% of the income. Please not that the parent the children live with is the only one who can apply for Florida KidCare. If your gross monthly income is above the 200% poverty level, you will qualify for the full pay option only. Depending on the age of the children the monthly premium may be $196 each or $133 each (this one includes dental).

    The best way to determine your eligibility is to submit an application for review. The review process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

    Thank you,

  161. I am divorced and my ex is presently paying for a high deductible insurance policy through his employment. It is costing him 22% of his income and the policy i probably will not even be available in a month. I am the custodial parent of our two kids and I would like to get them on KidCare. I do not know what to answer on the question about whether they have insurance. I am slightly over the 200% poverty level-I don’t know whether that means I will have to pay the full amount, but i need to get them enrolled as soon as possible.

  162. Good afternoon Carmen,

    We do not have a pre-existing condition limitation. Regarding your questions about Blue Cross, we will have someone contact you directly via email.

    Thank you,

  163. Hello, I am a member of a KidCare Coalition and have a specific question regarding pre-existing conditions. I am having trouble finding an answer searching online and would like to provide the information to a coalition partner.

    Since this area has Blue Cross Kid Care (Healthy Kids) I want to know will Blue Cross have a pre existing clause when they switch from State Blue Cross to Blue Cross Healthy Kids?

    If someone could please e-mail me, that would be very much appreciated!

  164. I have been calling all morning to try to talk to a customer service repesentative. Please HELP!!

  165. Yes they tried to call, but you would think that they would follow up from Wednesday and they didn’t so its becoming a very frustrated ordeal. Yes you should encourage them but not to call the house number but the cell number I provided them. And to not be concerned about checking with my daughter before talking to me as the person who tried to reach me requested to talk with me.

  166. Good morning Ms. Partin,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to hear that the grievance office has contacted you so you can discuss the situation. We do apologize that the return phone number was not clear. We will contact that department to encourage a follow up call with you.

    Thank you,

  167. Good morning Ms. Durr,

    To get the account active again, please go ahead and make a payment. However, please note that there will be a 30 day waiting period before the account is active and your services are covered. Please call 1-800-821-5437 for assistance.

    Thank you,

  168. My daughter and I called Wednesday afternoon because someone from the grievance had called and rattled her number so fast it was a blur, when we called the supervisor supposely entered a message for them to call us back and it’s now been 3 business days and today will make the 4th. You can do as we requested my the name to call. And I also gave the supervisor my cell phone so you can check the computer for that information. Also awaiting feed back from Governor Scott’s office on our complaints. Which you will find out more if and when someone makes the call to us since the toll free number claims they have no access to get any help which is funny your departments don’t talk with each other.

  169. I missed two payments .. I just could not simply afford to pay because of hospital bills of my own.My daughters insurance was cancelled how can I get it back?

  170. My daughter did over the phone and to no avail because the staff doesn’t seem to understand what a “follow up” is As for the service received not to our “liking” a doctor that you have under your “watchful eye” broke the Hippa Law and now the matter is in the hands Governor Scott . And your reply really has nothing to say about the law being broken. We did call if you would read my complaint and what good did it do? This coming month is my daughter’s last month on Staywell and this is the second complaint we have had on the doctor so please you tell me why should we have to call again when the complaints fall on deaf ears. We have a better chance with the governor’s office getting involved. And if you want to further discuss this issue, look in the system and get a phone number so not everyone can see this dicussion.

  171. Good morning Ms. Partin,

    Please accept our apology on behalf of Staywell for any service received that was not to your liking. Florida KidCare and all of its health plan partners strive to provide quality customer service.

    To file a formal greivance, you can call 1-800-278-8178. If you would like to make an appeal for Staywell to change a decision they made about care you received such as denial of a service request, a reduction or stop of services you have been receiving, refusal to pay for services you think should be covered or failure to give services in the required timeframe, you can mail it to HealthEase Kids Health Plan Attn: Appeals Department P.O. Box 31368, Tampa, FL 33631-3368. You can also fax a written appeal to 1-866-201-0657.

    We also encourage you to review your HealthEase Member Handbook for additional details on filing greivances and appeals.

    Thank you,

  172. Good morning Wendy,

    Florida KidCare covers orthodontics only if it is deemed medically necessary. Please call 1-800-821-5437 for additional information.

    Thank you,

  173. My question is in regard to braces for my son’s teeth…His dentist referred me to an orthodontist (free consulation) because there are some problems he recognized (teeth stuck in the bone that cannot come in, cross bite and under bite that may result in jaw problems, and now I find out that my son’s back teeth don’t even touch for him to chew food – and I wondered why his appetite seemed off and he’s losing weight – he can’t chew his food). So I say all that to inquire about any coverage for orthodontics under his insurance – is there any coverage for braces? Thanks so much for your assistance!

  174. Good afternoon Tera,
    The answer to your question is yes, it does apply to college students who are still dependents. The Florida KidCare program only covers children up to their 19th birthday with no exceptions due to federal law. Unfortunately, we are unable to suggest other insurance options for you. We encourage you to research insurance companies that fit your financial needs. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

    Thank you,

  175. Hello, I have a college daughter who is 20 from everything I have read coverage ends at 19; but does that also apply to college students who are still dependents? If I cannot enroll her in healthy kids and I make too much for medicaid and my company does not provide health coverage is there an option for me elsewhere?
    Thank you for your assistance.

  176. Hello, I would like to know how much the “full rate” coverage is for two kids through florida kidcare if I don’t qualify for the reduced $15-$20 amount? I think my income is just over the income guidelines for the reduced kidcare cost but I cant afford insurane on my own. If you could also tell me what the “full rate” would cover, like dental, vision, pharmacy and so forth? Thank you for your time.

  177. My daughter called today and made a complaint on one of her doctors today, she explained the situation regarding the Hippa Law and when she asked to have someone call her for a follow up, the person didn’t even know what she met by that and then turn around and asked her “So you want to change your PCP to the doctor your talking about?” She told him “God no” so now we are worried because this isn’t the only complaint filed with Staywell and no one is contacting either her or I with this problem. And we would like feedback since the Hippa Law should be followed and the other complaint needs to be addressed as well. You can talk with me, her mother regarding both items since one of the complaints was made before she turned 18. And as for the other complaint, I was her witness.

  178. Good afternoon Kristine,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to answer that question. The food stamp process is not connected with our program and does not determine eligibility for our program. We encourage you to contact the Florida Department of Children and Families for assistance with family assistance. Both programs are based on income so their may be an opportunity for you to receive both services depending on your income.

    Thank you

  179. Hello, can I apply for stamps if my kids are approved for kid care/healthy kids and school meals?

  180. But my payment was made before the end of the month. I owed on the 1st and got disenrolled on the 14th. If what you are saying is true and if payments are not received by the end of the month, then children are disenrolled. Then why did my child get disenrolled if it’s supposed to happen at the end of the month? I need a real answer here please.

  181. It hasn’t been 30 days. It has been 14 days. Please re-read the email. It is not the end of the month yet. I need my sons account reinstated. I have paid.

  182. Good afternoon Fred,
    If you are not receiving income from this job at the time of application, then you can leave it off. If in the future, you begin receiving income from this job please call 1-800-821-5437 for instructions on how to report an income change. Your monthly premium will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

    Thank you,

  183. Good morning Eva,

    Thank you for contacting us. At this time, there have been no changes in our policies regarding monthyly payments. Payments must be received by the first of the month for the upcoming month. For example, the payment for September was due August 1st. When payments are not received, late notices are sent out via email, mail, and an automated phone call. If payments are not received by the end of the month, the children are disenrolled.

    Unfortunately, the 30-day waiting period has to complete before your child is re-enrolled. We do apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may cause. We encourage all of our families to make payments by the first of the month to avoid a gap in coverage.

    Thank you,

  184. Good morning Nat,
    You can submit the pay stubs for the job you currently have. If your income changes, you can call 1-800-821-5437 to get instructions on submitting updated income documentation.

    Thank you,

  185. So instead of replying back to my post. Florida KidCare has decided to delete my comments. The least you could have done is at least reply back then delete it. But instead I get no reply and my comments are deleted. Now I’m really unhappy with Florida KidCare. Thank you for offering no assistance with my problem whatsoever.

  186. I am not happy with Florida Kidcare right now. 2 months ago I spoke to a rep and they told me that as long as they receive the payment before the end of the month my account wouldn’t be canceled. Alot of things have happened this month that I won’t go into. Anyhow, I know it’s my responsibility to keep my account current but I am not happy by the wrong information that the rep gave me. Also she wrote my address down wrong so I didn’t even receive the late payment notice. So they sent it out on the 8th, I didn’t get it until the 14th because the address was wrong.

    Then when I go online to pay, today. I can’t even log into my account. So I pay $40, only to find out that my son is disenrolled when I finally am able to log into my account.

    Did the policies change? Or was it just the customer rep, who is representing Florida KidCare, who gave me the wrong information?

    I am very very upset and distraught right now. Can my son get re-enrolled without waiting the 30 day waiting period? I wish I had never listened to that customer service representative, I wouldn’t be in this situation now.

  187. But I am no longer going to work due to personal health issues, so do I just send in the last paystubs or what?

  188. Good afternoon Penina H,

    First, please accept our apology for the confusion and frustration this may have caused. We certainly aim to be effcient and accurate and will work to get this matter resolved. If you could, please email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and the best way to contact you.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  189. Good morning Nat,
    We ask for paystubs of all gross income for the household. If you have a new job, but have not yet received a paycheck, you can ask for a letter from your supervisor stating your salary and how often you are paid.

    Thank you,

  190. Hi. I hope someone here can help me. My daughter recently turned one and was transitioning from Medicaid to HealthyKids. Her birthday is July 22nd, so, to ensure she’d be covered by August, a representative recommended I send in the last 2 pay stubs before her birthday so it’ll be faster to process the application once she turns 1. I sent in my 2 pay stubs and 2 of my husband’s. Late on Friday, July 27th I found out (by checking the website, I hadn’t received any letters in the mail yet) that she was approved, but at a $211/month premium! My other daughter has been on HealthyKids since May and it’s cost me $15/month. I called immediately, and the woman I spoke to said it was because we made too much money. I explained that my husband is paid (approximately) once a MONTH and the 2 paystubs I sent in were from about 8 weeks of work. They assumed he was paid twice a month, and therefore we wouldn’t qualify. The woman I spoke with told me to pay the $211 so my daughter would be covered, but I should send in a letter from my husband’s employer explaining his salary and I would get a refund when the letter would be processed. I paid the $211 and sent in the letter on Monday, July 30th at about 1:30 pm. I found out on Friday, August 3rd, that the premium amount was adjusted back to $15/month. I called and asked about a credit for my overpayment. The woman I spoke with said that, since I had paid in July and it was now August, I couldn’t get the money back. I can’t afford to just write off $200, that’s why I’m on this program to begin with! Someone messed up reading my husband’s paystubs. It had the Year-To-Date amount, and if someone had just divided by the amount of months so far they’d know how much he made a month instead of just assuming it was 2 paychecks a month. And since my premiums were adjusted BACK to $15, it seems that the letter was sufficient to explain our income situation. So why can’t I get a credit for my overpayment!?

    I called back on Monday, August 6th and spoke with someone who said she didn’t understand why I didn’t receive a credit. She submitted my case to Premium Processing to be reviewed, and she told me to call back if I didn’t hear anything by Friday. I called back today and spoke with yet another woman who told me that my claim was denied. I spoke with a supervisor, who ALSO didn’t know why it the claim was denied, since the premium was obviously adjusted to reflect someone’s mistake. He thought I should have gotten a refund. He offered to resubmit the claim for processing, and told me to write an email to submit an official grievance complaint. I can’t remember what the email address was (it started with an R) but then I found this blog, so I’m posting here. Can anyone help me sort out this mess, and help me get my money back? I can’t afford to just lose $200 to some clerical or accounting error.

  191. I was wondering what I had to do with my situation. I need to send in pay check stubs but I am no longer working for the company do I still need to send mine or can I send my daughters fathers pay stub?

  192. Hello,

    It seems as though the conversation I have had with one of the insurance representatives was not overly helpful. If someone could contact me directly without having to call the 800 number, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.

    Shannon Jones

  193. Good morning Beth,

    For a status update on your application, please call our customer service center at 1-800-821-5437. They should be able to answer any questions you have. Regarding additional information you’re submitting, including a letter with the account number can be helpful, but is not required.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  194. Hi, I submitted an application for my kids to have health coverage about 3 days ago. I do not recall receiving a confirmation or anything like that, and checked through my email and don’t have anything there either. I want to make sure that my application was received. Is there anyway that you can check that and provide me with an account number so that I can check the status in the future? Also, I have to mail info to Tallahasse (1040 form) and wanted to know if I should provide a letter with the account number, etc. in addition to the form?

    Thanks so much

  195. Hello and Good Evening,

    My name is Shannon Jones, and I have two children under the Florida KidCare policy. We are paying a monthly premium of $330.00- we are having to pay the full amount because of our income. I have been paying this premium for the past three months or so, and now my account is showing a significant credit on our account. When I called, they said my daughter was under Medicaid- when we are not qualified for it. They also took out an automatic payment even though we had an already substantial credit on our account. For some reason, I cannot find a way to “turn off” this option. Would someone please help me with my two issues? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  196. one more question and I will leave you alone. I do some side work that is sporadic how do i report this income? it is not the same every month sometimes not at all

  197. Good morning Fred,
    If there is a change in your household gross income that puts you below the 200% Federal Poverty Level, your monthly payment may be reduced. Families below the 200% FPL typically pay $15 or $20 a monthly, many pay nothing at all. If you have a change, please call 1-800-821-5437 to provide an update and get your next steps to adjust the monthly amount.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  198. My wife is on unemplyment she will lose it in about 3 months. if i am on the full pay plan and she loses that income and that drops us below the 200% level will i pay a reduced fee or do i have to keep paying the full pay

  199. My son went to the dentist today, he has staywell healthy kids(dental is MCNA) and he has to have two fillings. They told me that it was going to cost like 250 $ to have all of it fixed? What is covered? I was unaware there was that much out of pocket expenses? Thank you :)

  200. When applying for fl healthy kids do I put down my gross income or my gross taxable income. I have some thing coming out of my paycheck that are not taxed.

  201. Good morning Tabitha,

    Thank you for contacting us. Please email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and the best way to contact you. We will have someone take a look at the account to verify what information can be provided to you and if coverage can be verified.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  202. Good morning Karen,
    Unfortunately the answer is no. If a child is eligible for Medicaid, they can not enroll for one of the other components of Florida KidCare.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  203. If my child is eligible for Medicaid, can I choose KidCare instead? I have a very hard time finding doctors who will take Medicaid in my area.

  204. When will my sons ID cards for his health insurance arrive or do I have to make a formal request for them?

  205. I sent in an application for my daughter( Healthy Kids) and step son (Medi Kids). I was told my daughter was approved but my step son info was sent to MediKids and contact them in 48 hours, well I did and they (MediKids) wont give me any information because I am not on his file? I dont understand? I sent in the application with my husbands and my information? All I am trying to do is get health coverage for my step son who my has custody of. My husband works during MediKids hours and cant call. How am I ever going to be able to communicate if he is cvered or not?

  206. Good morning Natasha,

    It usually takes a couple of weeks. If you have not received your cards, please call 1-800-964-7811 for assistance.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  207. Both of my children are currently enrolled with United Healthcare & DentaQuest. We have received member cards and a handbook for United Healthcare, but haven’t received anything from DentaQuest. How long does it take for DentaQuest to send ID cards? Thanks.

  208. Good morning Tamm,

    Florida KidCare does not deal with child support at all other than a parent who is applying needs to report child support as income if they are receiving it. For information about child support, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue at 1-800-622-5437 or http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  209. Thank you for your reply. Would u send me a disclosure on what we are covered? Im concerning as far as emergencies. If I ever need to take my son to the hospital to the ER, will you pay for the service? It is covered? How much is the copay? Thanks.

  210. Good morning Ms. Souza,

    For more information about your premium, we encourage you to call our customer service line (1-800-821-5437) to speak with a representative. Generally speaking, household income is based on GROSS monthly income (which is the amount you make before taxes are taken out). If your gross income is above the 200% FPL, you are only eligibile for the full pay option. If there has been an error on our part, we will certainly make the necessary adjustments.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  211. Good Evening. I received your letter stating I was approved to pay $196.00. May I ask why didnt I qualify for $20.00/month? I sent copies of my 2 paychecks and they added up to $2,288.36 monthly. That’s still under the 200%FPL. Thank you for your time and explanation.

  212. Good afternoon Mr. Jobe,

    The parent who the child lives with can apply for and pay for Florida KidCare health coverage if the child is uninsured. If the mom applies, she is required to report all gross income for her household, including her wages and other income she may receive (such as child support). Your income is not included unless you still live in the home. The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  213. If my wife and I are currently going through a divorce and establishing who is responsible for insurance, can one of us apply for Florida KidCare for our son? He is currently on her insurance through work, only because when I moved he lost insurance and she put him on her’s without researching other options. However, neither of us can afford to pay $221 a month for his insurance. He lives with her a majority of the time.

    If she applies, does she include my income if I do not live in the home and we will be divorced within the next 30 days? How long does it take to find out if he qualifies?

  214. I have submitted my application online however I need to send in my husbands pay stubs. can I scan these documents in to you or mail them. If i need to mail them where do I send them? Also do I need to send in my daughters birth certificate or will her ss card be ok. I have moved from Ga to Fl and I have misplaced her birth certificate and I will take a while to get it. Is there anything else I can use.

  215. I have been trying to call for days but cannot seem to get through to a person. Could you please contact me via email!!

  216. Good morning Beth,

    This past weekend, we had some routine upgrades take place that may have prevented some families from logging into their online account. The site is now fully functional and you should be able to log in today. We do apologize for the inconveniece.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  217. Good morning Ardis Covert,

    Yes, his coverage can continue. Your son can be in school out of state and still be considered a member of the household until his 19th birthday. That being said, he is only covered for emergency services outside of his Florida county area. Your son’s regular doctor visits would need to be taken care of when he is home in Florida. You would also need to check with your son’s health plan regarding which pharmacies he can use in Idaho.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  218. My 17 year old son has Healthykids coverage and will be attending an out of state college in August, 2012. He will not be 19 until August of 2013 and I was wondering if he would be covered until then. He will be attending college in Idaho. Thanks!

  219. I cannot get on my account this morning. It keeps saying User is not available.
    Your information is not currently available. Is there a problem with the website? Why would this be happening?

  220. Good morning Ms. Muina,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about your situation and can certainly empathize with you; however, due to state and federal regulations, we must receive the premium payment in full by the 1st of the month to continue coverage.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  221. Hello,

    I signed in this evening to pay my premium for the month and noticed that we were under our renewal period (I’m guessing the paperwork hasn’t been sent in the mail yet). I went to look at all of the information and make sure everything was correct, and my son’s father’s information was fine. However, under my name there is a company listed I’ve never heard of (after looking up they are a company in Alabama) and it says that I make 6500 dollars a month? I’ve never worked before, much less for a company that pays 6500 a month. I’m wondering how this information got on my account. I can’t seem to get a person any time I call, and just wind up lost in a loop of automated choices, is there anyone I can contact to figure out where this came from and how I can fix it?

  222. Hello, My premium was just recently raised from $20.00 to $266.00 which I’m struggling to pay. Las month I made the mistake of being $1.00 short of my payment which in turn the system (according to the CRS told me) cancels my kids policy. I wasnt aware of the cancellation, until I was at the dr’s office for my kids physical that the clerk informed me. Now I understand that if you are late with any kind of payment any entity can cancel whatever policy you have. But a $1.00, that to me sounds ridiculous. I hope who ever is in charge of the system changes and makes it possible for this type of human mistakes lets the balance roll over to next months premium. Unfortunately now I have to pay the consequences and my kids not having insurance for a month.

  223. Good afternoon Karrie,

    The health coverage that the parents have has no bearing on coverage for the child under the Healthy Kids program. However, it is important that we note we do have any association or cross referencing with Medicare, but we do with Medicaid. For more information, please call 1-888-540-5437.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  224. My daughter has been covered under Healthy Kids since January. My husband and I however are not covered by any health insurance. We’d like to apply for Medicare but I don’t know if we can do it and still have her covered as she is now. Do you know if we will have to drop her coverage under Florida Healthy Kids? Thank you.

  225. Good afternoon Marianela,

    You are correct, since you are 18 and living with a parent, your parent’s income will be counted toward your eligibility for Medicaid or Florida Healthy Kids insurance. Your parents must apply for you. Please have your parents call Florida Healthy Kids (FHK) at (800) 821-5437, and ask how to get a referral generated to the Department of Children and Families (DCF), so your Medicaid will be reinstated.

    FHK will check the account and see if they have current verification of income, and if not, they will ask your parents to fax verification of income to them at (866) 867-0054.

    Your parents can call FHK back, using the phone number in the first paragraph, in 3 working days to check on your status, and ensure a DCF Medicaid referral has been generated.

    If you have any questions about this procedure, you can call the KidCare Medicaid Hotline at (800) 352-5437.

    Once you have been reapproved for Medicaid, your parent will be able to call the Medicaid Choice Counseling number, (888) 367-0054, and choose an HMO for you. If you want to know what Medicaid HMOs are available in your county, you can go to http://www.medicaidoptions.net for a list.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  226. Hi, I’m currently 18 and come from a low income family. I used to have medicaid but that was terminated and now I have to reapply. The problem is that since I’m 18(not 19) they send me to apply for kidcare but I know that my parent’s monthly salary is too low and I will be sent to medicaid. My question is: when that happens will I be able to pick my provider? What will happen? Is there anything else that I should be aware of? Thank you!

  227. Good morning Ms. Jaramillo,

    Yes, you can apply now, but please note that children under the age of 1 year old are only eligibile for Medicaid, which is based on your income. There is no other component of Florida KidCare that provides health insurance for babies, so your unborn child will not be able to participate in Healthy Kids.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  228. Hello
    My daughter has healthy kids ins and I am 6 moths pregnant I need to know if I can apply for my child while pregnant


  229. Hello, my son has had Medikids since 08/2011 (when he was no longer eligible for medicaid) but has since been approved for Medicaid again. I’ve already paid the premium for this month and last (May and June 2012), because I hadn’t heard from DCF, yet. But soon after I sent my payment in June I received a letter stating that my son is eligible for Medicaid (and I assumed that was active from June 01), but when checking MyAccessFlorida online it says that his Medicaid has been active since May 01. I’ve called Florida KidCare and I was told his account was just updated and they’d refund me my last Premium payment, but they couldn’t refund me the Premium for May? Don’t understand why since it states on the website that “If your child is approved for Medicaid…your premium will be refunded”, not my fault his account wasn’t updated til JUST now (because I CALLED, otherwise who knows when the account would’ve been updated). Would appreciate any info on what I can do (perhaps send one of you a copy of my DCF page where it clearly states he’s been approved for Medicaid since May 01) to get my full refund for both months.
    Thank you

  230. Good morning Ms. Weaver,

    The maximum gross monthly income to qualify for subsidized Florida KidCare is $4,502 for a family of five (5). So, if your household income falls below the 200% Federal Poverty Level (i.e., less than $4,502/month) then you will probably pay $15 or $20 a month for all three children, not per child. If your household income is above the 200% FPL (i.e. more than $4,502/month) the cost is full pay at $196 for children 1-4 years old (per child) and $133 with dental for children 5-18.

    Regarding Medicaid coverage, you would have to contact us and let us know that your household income has increased and the appropriate adjustment will be made.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  231. I just graduated from USF with my B.S in elementary education. I was wondering what the monthly payment would be for my three boys (5yrs, 4yrs, and 2yrs) if my husband and I make roughly 37,000 each per year ($74,000). There is only the five of us in the family. They are on medicaid right now and I did not know if medicaid is just going to drop them or if they will roll over to medikids/healthykids. Can someone contact me and let me know?

  232. Good afternoon Ms. Burns,
    For the fastest assistance, please call 1-800-821-5437. A knowledgable representative should be able to help.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  233. Good morning Ms. Mills,

    We do apologize for the confusion and frustration that this has caused. Please email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and phone number so that we can research this. We will have someone contact you once everything is resolved.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  234. Good morning Ms. Nelson,

    First, please accept our apology for the confusion that this situation has caused. Secondly, please send an email to help@healthykids.org with your family account number and a telephone number. We will have someone research your account and provide you with accurate options to keep your son covered.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  235. I am to the point of aggrivation right now. I have called several times and faxed over my payments and documents that have been asked for for months now. I had to fax over my december payments because everyone said i never paid for it which i did so when i faxed them over they called back saying “oh we found your payment.” so now the hospital keeps sending me bills from jan.15th because the Insurance company “couldnt find” my december payment. I was told once I faxed it over everything would be taken care of. Well, Its not!! and on top of that I had paid the first hospital bill of 105.00 which needs to be re embersed back to me. They are also still sending me one of the amount of 300 dollers and some change which is suppose to be taken out from the insurance also. I am to the point of aggrivation and was told I have to now email you.

  236. Hello – I am not sure what options I have at this point but I am hoping I can get correct information. My child switched from Medicaid to Medikids on his first birthday and I contacted Healthy Kids in April to make sure everything was ok and the representative on the phone said “No you don’t need to do anything he is covered – we handle the switch automatically everything is fine and you don’t renew information until October. Disregard the letter”

    I called once again regarding a visit to a specialist and this time a different rep tells me “I’m sorry you received bad information from the first rep – there’s a glitch in the system and it looks like you’re covered when you’re not.” It’s a problem between Medicaid and Healthy Kids. I’m sorry – you just got bad information the first time, he wasn’t covered and there’s nothing you can do about it. Payments to providers aren’t retroactive.”

    I have always complied with everything that was requested and feel very frustrated because I believed what I was told. Do I have any options?

  237. Good morning Danielle,

    When someone fills out the KidCare application, our reviewers check to see the age of the child and if they qualify for Medicaid. If the child is younger than 1 year old and/or the family income meets Medicaid requirements, the application is forwarded to the Medicaid office for further review and approval. Once it goes to the Medicaid office, Florida KidCare no longer is involved in the review process and updates typically come from the Medicaid office.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  238. I see. Thank you for your prompt response to my question! But just to clarify, the KidCare application in and of itself cannot get me coverage even for a newborn who’s parent should qualify for Medicaid? I applied for Medicaid separately as well so hopefully I’m covered either way…

  239. Good morning Danielle,

    The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks so it may be another couple of weeks before a final response is provided. Additionally, newborns are only covered by Medicaid, which is income restricted. For additional information, please contact the Medicaid office by visiting http://www.myflorida.com/accessflorida/

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  240. Hello, I know KidCare received my application on May 4th 2012, which is over 30 days ago, but I still have not heard back nor received any kind of confirmation in the mail. I’ve called your line to check on the status and it says my application is still being processed, but I was under the impression that it should’ve been done by 30 days. Could there be a problem? If so, how can I find out about it? I’m getting worried because I could give birth any day now. Thanks for your help!

  241. Good morning Jacqueline,

    Application for food stamps has no bearing on applying for Florida KidCare. Qualifying for Florida KidCare is based on income and family size. Families with income below the 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) typically pay $15 or $20 a month, many pay nothing at all (which is for families that qualify for Medicaid). Families with income above the 200% FPL qualify for the full pay option.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  242. Is it possinle to apply for food stamps and stay on kidcare. Imdont want them to be sent to medicaid since it is all on one application.

  243. Good afternon Cidy,

    The Florida KidCare customer service number is 1-800-821-5437, which allows you to speak with a live representative.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  244. Good morning Ms. Kuchen,

    Thank you for contacting us. Please try calling 1-800-821-5437 to speak with a live customer service representative who can assist you with your question.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  245. I have 1 important question to ask but your automative service always says our agents are busy i dont understand why we just cant wait on the phone until your done responding to other people cause i need 1 more thing to do b4 i can get the application process through but i need someone to contact me asap please..thank you Tracie

  246. Good afternoon Ms. Cantrel,

    Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to provide that type of information over the Internet. However, if you email help@healthykids.org with your name, family account number and phone number, we can have someone give you a call to assist you.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  247. I forgot my username & password and the reset option is NOT working. I’ve tried to call but when I finally get to an option to talk to an operator, I get disconnected because they’re too busy.

  248. Good morning Ana,

    For a status update on your application, please call our customer service line at 1-800-821-5437. Please note that the processing time is typically 4-6 weeks.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  249. Hi, I would like to know the status of my application, I haven’t heard anything back and I need to take my son to the doctor.

  250. Hi there,
    I am having trouble getting glasses for my 13 year old daughter who is on Staywell Kids. Each time that I have called to inquire about which facility I should go to that accepts her insurance–I am told by the facility that they no longer accept Staywell. I can’t tell you how many places I have called only to be told that they don’t/won’t deal with Staywell anymore. She has amblyopia and needs new glasses desperately but I keep getting the run around. Please help us locate a facility that will let her get the glasses she needs so that she can see properly.

  251. Good morning Ms.Earney,

    Eligibility for Florida KidCare is determined by gross household income and family size. Other household expenses are not typically considered during the application review process. If you are not eligibile for the subsidy, you can still participate at the full pay option of $133 per child (this includes dental).

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  252. I tried to apply for Medicaid in January and qualified for Medically Needed at 5000 per month. The application process did not take into consideration of my medical premiums. My gross salary is $42,000 but my W2 is $28,000 due to pre taxed dollars for medical premiums. Also my tax return included a dependent that passed away as of November. Will Healthy Kids take into consideration the pretaxed dollars when considering my application? I sent my pay stubs that show this major $1100 deduction for medical insurance but it was not taken into consideration. I can no long afford to pay family coverage and would like to put two of my three children on Healthy Kids. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  253. Hola, estoy teniendo problemas con la compania dentaquest, llevo dos meses esperando por la tarjeta, o que me asignen un dentistas para mi hijo, me piden que llame a la lista de medicos, que ellos me dan paro, no me pueden dar un apoiment,ya que la compania, no autoriza todabia o su nombre no lo tienen en la lista. Les agradesco su ayuda.

  254. Good afternoon Ms. Livolti,

    Thank you for contacting us. If you could email or fax (850-224-0615) a copy of the letter, we can research this for you.

    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  255. Hello I just got a letter saying my child does not qualify for Kid care because she is on Medicaid. But her Medicaid is for “medically needy” which means we have to spend 3818 every month before insurance kicks in. I
    was told I could apply for kidcare instead.My son is 2 years old.
    I sent an e-mail to help@healthykids.org with my account information.

    Please HELP!!

  256. Good morning Sean,

    We are pleased to let you know that we have spoken with your ex-wife and she has the most updated information about your children’s health insurance coverage. Thank you for contacting us!

    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  257. Good afternoon Ms. Reynolds,

    Thank you for contacting us. The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks; however, you can call our customer service line at 1-800-821-5437 for an application status update.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  258. I submitted an application over a month ago, my daughter needs to be seen by a doctor. can I have someone contact me on whats going on with my file?

  259. Good morning Ms. Dean,

    Please call 1-800-821-5437 for assistance with log in. A customer service representative will assist you.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  260. Good morning Ms. Grayem,
    Based on the information that you have provided, we are unable to give an accurate rate at this time as there has not been a change in your family size and we have not received any income updates from you.

    Below are the new 2012 federal poverty guideline ranges for full pay, which may help give you some idea of where you may fall if there is an addition to your family. As noted before, families with a gross income below the 200% FPL typically pay $15 or $20 a month for all the children. Families with income above the 200% FPL typically pay full price for each child.

    Family size 1–1862.01
    Family size 2-2522.01
    Family size 3-3182.01
    Family size 4-3842.01

    The only other state and federal sponsored option for children under the age of 1 is Medicaid, which is income restricted. Florida KidCare does not provide a specific plan for children under the age of 1.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  261. How do I find out if my rate would change? Also, is there a plan for children under 1 to be covered by?

  262. How do I find the Pharmacy phone # of Staywel Kids that my Dr.can call to auterize the Rx that my child has at the C.V.S. Pharmacy we get our Rx’s filled at as that Pharmacy had to keep the Rx’s because it’s a controlled Rx.? I called custermer services at 866-698-5437 and talked to some one on this and that is what they told me my Dr. had to do. Was call Staywe;; Kids to Auterize it NOT our PHARMACY.

    Thank you as my child only has 3 left, and the pharmacy had had this Rx. that I droped off way befor Easter.

  263. Good morning Ms. Grayem,

    An addition to your household size could affect whether you fall above or below the 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL). If your income is below the 200% FPL, you could pay $15 or $20 a month total for BOTH children. If your income is above the 200% FPL, you would pay the full pay amount for EACH child.

    Please note that a child under the age of 1 is not eligible to participate in Florida KidCare.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  264. My son is currently covered under Florida Kid Care and I pay the full premium of $196 a month. I know the monthly payment is based off of our household income and household size but I was wondering if I had another child would I still pay the full premium for both children? I want to make sure I can afford the insurance before I decide it’s time to have another baby. Would I still pay $196 for both children or a combined total of $392? Thank you.

  265. Good afternoon Kris,

    The answer to your question is two-fold. Generally speaking, yes it would be covered; however, an evaluation of your child’s needs may be required. Additionally, there may be steps or actions that must be taken before your child is given a particular prescription like the one you mentioned. For more information, please call 1-888-540-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  266. Do you cover the Rx’s of Daytrana patches? My child has been on this for a long time? My child only has four patches left.I don’t know if this is something that the pharmacy has to order. Thanks.

  267. Can I apply for healthy kids If my son has medically needy and I caint meet the share of cost, cause ny son don’t get sick that often and when he does I caint even cover priscriptions, please reply am in need o serious help thank you

  268. my ex wife has been trying to reach anyone for weeks now. my 3 children had flkidcare last year and after applying again this year and being informed 2 of my children had to change from their physician since birth to another physician 30 miles away we suddenly were advised that the scheduled dental visits were not covered by the insurance. I can’t speak with anyone because I am not the custodial parent and she can’t speak to anyone because no one ever answers the phone always a answer machine. she nor I at this point even know if our children have insurance coverage. I could really use some real live help please

  269. I have been calling for days now to get a hold of a live person and never once have i been able to need to speak to someone its extremely important in regards to my premium my son has medication he needs and i can’t get it bc no one answers the phone

  270. Good afternoon Ms. Neff,
    We do apologize that you have not been able to speak to someone about your situation. Please email help@healthykids.org with your family account number and some detail about your question(s). We will have someone contact you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  271. My child has A.D.H.D. And Hearing Inpaired with Two Hearing Aids,also a F.M from the Deaf And Hard Of Hearing along with a I-Com my child has.

    Thank You,

  272. Good morning Ms. Magee,

    Si la niña vive con usted y su esposo, pueden solicitar Florida KidCare, si no es asi sólo el padre que tiene la custodia puede hacerlo.

    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  273. Good morning, yo estoy tratando de conseguir informacion adicional porque mi esposo tiene una nina de 15 anos y ella no esta asegurada. La mama renuncio a su trabajo y por lo tanto no tiene ahora seguro medico. parte de la pencion alimenticia que el paga se suponia que era para cubrir parte de los gastos medicos. Ella tuvo un accidente y nosotros nos enteramos que no la habian llevado al medico por no tener seguro que la cubriera. A todos los sitios que me he tratado de comunicar me encuentro con una puerta cerrada porque no es mi hija biologica. Yo tenia seguro de la florida para mi hijo porque mis ingresos eran sumamente bajos hasta que el cumplio 18 anos. Yo le prometi a mi esposo conseguirle informacion para que la nina pueda tener seguro medico.

  274. Good morning Shannon,
    Unfortunately, no you cannot get Florida KidCare if the child does not live in the home with you and your husband. Eligibility and premium determination is dependent upon household size and income.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  275. Can I get Kidcare insurance on my stepson who does not live with me? My husband pays child support and is court-ordered to have health insurance on his son. We cannot afford regular insurance!

  276. Thank you, BUT-
    I have already verified that they have coverage with Florida Healthy Kids- it was easy because I am listed as their father on the account. Basically, I know that much. And, I know that (for 2 years) your random checks and renewals have not worked- either because she is lying or simply was not randomly selected.
    I just want to know what I do to turn her in for her fraud of the system

  277. Good morning Mr. Starr,

    Due to HIPAA regulations, without proof of your identity, Florida Healthy Kids Corporation is unable to confirm or deny coverage of the referenced children. By providing proof of identity (i.e., birth certificate) we can provide some limited information about the account including confirmation of coverage, coverage dates, and health plan provider. If you would like that information, please forward a copy of your driver license and some form of documentation that proves you are the father to Jennifer Kiser Lloyd via mail (661 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32031 or via fax at 850-224-0615).

    Regarding your other concerns, beginning in July 2004, all KidCare families are required to complete a renewal application and submit documentation to verify their reported income. In addition to the renewal time, periodic random sample audits are conducted. If an account is audited, documentation of income is requested and accounts are adjusted accordingly.

    We appreciate your concern and sense of responsibility to your community, and will take your comments under consideration.
    If you have additional questions, please contact our call center toll-free at 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  278. Mr. Starr,

    If you can provide the account number for us, we can have our internal specialist team review the account. You are correct in that children on the Florida KidCare program cannot have any other health insurance. We will conduct the necessary research to appropriately resolve this matter. Please email the account number or your children’s names to help@healthykids.org.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  279. I have a situation similiar to some others here, but need to know my options. I am a divorced father with shared custody and I am obligated (now) to carry health insurance for the kids. There was a period of time that I was unemployed and my ex-wife applied for and was granted Healthy Kids coverage. I recently found out that is is because she Included MY INCOME (or lack thereof, at that time) rather than her live-in boyfriend who would have put her over the eligibility criteria.
    Since that time- the children have had Private insurance, paid by me, consistently since April 2010….and she never cancelled FHK. She was told by the court in January that this was not legal and that she should cancel immediately. She still has not…in fact, she has made 2 payments since that time.
    I KNOW that her continuing this coverage is against the law…as is including my information as part of her household, which I am not. She probably did not even divulge the amount of Child Support that she receives monthly- or else I would assume that she would not have qualified.
    I know that this program and others like it are a blessing for those who need it….and I feel that no one should take advantage. She needs to be held accountable for taking advantage of this program when she doesn’t need it. And, I need my children to live in a place where people who don’t follow the rules (laws) have consequences. WHAT CAN I DO?

  280. Good morning Brittany,

    Families that are enrolled in Healthy Kids have one continuous year of coverage, which means a child would not be dropped from the coverage unless the parent or guardian did not make the monthly payments. If there has been a change in income, Healthy Kids will review it at the annual renewal date for the coverage. .

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  281. Hi, I have an important question that needs to be answered asap. Up till my son was a year old he has been on medicaid, After the year was up, we made to much for him to be qualified (only under share of costs) so we went and applied for healthy kids… We got approved and everything is going great with his insurance. I recently got a job, and have not yet received my first pay check… I wish to cancel with medicaid/food stamps…and just report my pay to healthy kids. With medicaid/food stamps they have an online access account. and link to click to end benefits….if i end my benefits with them…… WILL THAT END MY HEALTHY KIDS INSURANCE????? I Need to know before I follow through with ending my benefits with medicaid. I do understand after reporting my pay to healthy kids my monthly amount may go up. However i do not wish to end benefits with healthy kids, just medicaid!

  282. Hello Denis Silva-Alvarado,

    The monthly amount that each family pays is based on income and family size. Families with income below the 200% Federal Poverty Level typically pay $15 or $20 a month. Families with income above the 200% Federal Poverty Level are enrolled as full-pay, which under the Healthy Kids component of the program is $133 a month.

    If your father still currently has Florida KidCare health insurnace and is interested in having his income reviewed again, please have him call 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  283. Hello Denis Silva-Alvarado,

    Thank you for contacting us. Please send an email with your family account number or your child’s name to help@healthykids.org and we will have someone take a look at the status of your application.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  284. My father had to pay the same amount of money when he was the only able to work at my house. We were struggling to make the payments, espcially since he would only pay 15 dollars a month for about 13 years and then all of a sudden he had to pay $133.33

  285. Hi, my son is three months old and hasn’t seen a doctor since he was three weeks. I need to know the status of my application because I need to take him to the doctor for his shots and he has an eye infection. I have called your 1-800 number and have emailed you guys but I still don’t know anything. I would much appreciate it if someone could get in contact with me by either phone or email.

  286. Good afternoon,

    You can go ahead and submit a completed application now. Then when it is closer to your daughter’s birthday (late March, early April), you can call the customer service line 1-800-821-5437 for an update. If approved, your daughter’s coverage would become effective (with payment) May 1.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  287. My daughter turns 1 in Mid April. She currently has no insurance. I had applied to Medicaid and was approved Share of Cost only. As you know, that’s of no help at all and I have paid out of pocket for everything this year since they do not offer insurance policies for children any more in FL. So, I am anxious to get her enrolled in Medikids. My question is how soon can I apply? Do I need to wait until Mid April or can I apply at the end of March so that on her Bday she has the coverage?

  288. Good morning Kris,

    The answer to your question is two-fold. Generally speaking, yes it would be covered; however, an evaluation of your child’s needs may be required. Additionally, there may be steps or actions that must be taken before your child is given a particular prescription like the two you mentioned. If you need additional information or explanation, please email johnsonm@healthykids.org so that we can get you in touch with someone for more details.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  289. My child is on Daytrana patch and Strattera can you tell me if this will be coverd? They dont make a genaric yet for them.

  290. How do I get my son dental ? He had staywell but I still do not have a dental card they keep telling me to call dcf I call them and then they tell me to call staywell no onew knows what the flip they are doing

  291. I actually do not wish to speak to anyone regarding this as my husband has already done so and no action was taken. He does not wish to waste any more of his time on this matter but I saw the threads with parents needing affordable coverage and it really struck a nerve. I am assuming you do not have the resources to validate that there are not actually more working adults living in a household other than what the applicant includes on the application.

    I find this to be very unfair to the parents who are actually “in need” of affordable health insurance for their children. This woman is being paid a hefty amount of chld support, her fiance makes good money as a police officer, and she works full time as a medical asst. with $14 an hour pay.

    Is it really as simple as withholding information to obtain low cost health insurance coverage for a child? Apparently in the state of Florida it is.

  292. Ms. Zambrano,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about your current situation. If you can, please send your application account number to help@healthykids.org and we can check the system to verify why your application for Florida KidCare has not been approved. Please note that we are only able to verify application information about your son. You will have to contact the Medicaid hotline for more information about your status (1-866-762-2237).

    We do apologize for any role that Florida KidCare has had in this situation. We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  293. Good morning,

    Thank you for your concern regarding this issue. Unfortunately, due to HIPAA guidelines we are unable to discuss this account with you.

    Beginning in July 2004, all KidCare families are required to complete a renewal application and submit documentation to verify their reported income. In addition periodic random sample audits are conducted. If an account is audited, documentation of income is requested and accounts are adjusted accordingly.

    We appreciate your concern and sense of responsibility to your community, and will take your comments under consideration.

    If you have additional questions, please contact our call center toll-free at 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  294. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been trying to get medicaid/healthy kids for me and my son since I was pregnant. I have filled the application online a few times and went in person to the Fort Lauderdale office, faxed the info, called several times with no answer. We are still uninsured and ..I have two other children, divorced and lost my work due to complications from the pregnancy, and now I have thousands of dollars in Dr./Hospital bills from the delivery. Can you tell me what steps I need to take from this point to get help? Thank you, Deon

  295. My stepson’s mother beats the system by not reporting the true family income. It seems they do not check or verify this because she has been paying $20 a month for full coverage on my stepson for a few years now. I have notified Florida kidcare of what she is doing but nothing has been done. Her fiance simply gets left off the application and he makes a pretty good salary that would definitely put them out of the $20 payment range. Her and my stepson live in the fiance’s home and have done so for well over 2 years and has only paid $20 a month for insurance the whole time.

  296. Ms. Roth,

    We are happy to hear that you have submitted an application.

    We do understand the financial struggles many families have with providing health insurance for their children. And we are glad that Florida KidCare is an affordable way to address this area of need for many. Unfortunately, there are state and federal laws that are in place to determine eligibility for the subsidized and full pay option that we do not have the authority to change.

    If you would like to learn more about the program, please visit http://www.floridakidcare.org.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  297. I already applied. and i have called a number of times to complain about this situation. There is no possible way that with my income I can afford to pay $133.33 a month for an inssurance that says that “Most families pay $15 or $20 a month”

  298. Hello Ms. Roth,

    The monthly amount each family pays under the Florida KidCare program is determined by household income AND family size, which may be the reason some of those you know pay a lesser amount. Additionally, there are federal and state laws that mandate the requirements for the subsidized $15 or $20 amounts and the full pay option. Unfortunately, there is not a premium amount that falls between the subsidized and full pay amounts.

    We encourage you to submit an application so that we can review your information and make an accurate eligibility determination. If you have any additional questions about the program, you can call our customer service line, toll free at 1-888-540-5437.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  299. Hello,

    I have a very similiar case to No.
    88.Anjeanetta McDonald

    I am a single mom and do not make enough money to pay the premium amount of $133.00 per month. I also know of people that make the same amount of money I make and pay $20 a month.

    Please help..there should be a bracket between $20 and $133.00 pero month.


  300. Ms. Sessions,
    We are happy to help!

    Regarding your question, we do not encourage any families to drop health coverage that they currently have. However, in order to participate in the Florida KidCare program, which is insurance for children who do not currently have health insurance, your child would need to be uninsured before Florida KidCare coverage became active. Additionally, we must adhere to strict federal and state guidelines when reviewing and approving applicants for the program. We invite you to visit http://www.floridakidcare.org to learn more about the program and how it works.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  301. Thanks for your help. However, for a program that is trying to make sure ever child is insured, the process doesn’t make since. In essence, I have cancel ins for my child in order to be on this plan?

  302. Ms. Sessions,
    We do understand your efforts to avoid a gap in coverage. You can note on the application the the current insurance provider’s termination policy ; however, we suggest completing the application, submitting it and also calling our customer service center (1-800-821-5437) to advise them that you have submitted an application and you wanted to make them aware of the pending termination with the other provider. We cannot guarantee there will not be a gap in coverage for your child, but taking these steps may help minimize the possibility of it happening.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  303. We pay monthly on our child’s ins plan. Technically the plan terminates ever month, until next payment is made. I am reluctant to not make a payment and wait, since I don’t want him uninsured for any period of time. Am I able to note on the application when the policy would terminate and still have him insured thorough you? We do not meet the income requirement and would be full pay which isn’t a problem. Please advise the best way to approach this.

  304. Good morning Ms. Sessions,

    You can still apply for Florida KidCare even though your child currently has coverage. However, if your application is approved, coverage for your child would not begin until it is verified that the other coverage has been dropped.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  305. Hello,
    My 5 year child has current insurance, however the premium keeps on raising and using it is very expensive. I would like to sign him up for Florida Kidcare (we would need to pay the premium, which isn’t a problem). However I am reluctant to drop the coverage waiting for approval, in case of an emergency. What is the best way to apply for this coverage?

  306. Hello Carolina,

    If your child’s coverage is cancelled due to non-payment, you can go ahead and make the payment, but there will be a 30 day wait period before the coverage is active again.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  307. hello,

    my daughter’s insurance got cancelled because i missed a payment. how do i reinstate her insurance?
    thank you

  308. Ms. Mendoza,

    Typically the insurance ID card comes from the health plan provider your child is with; they usually send them out about 2 weeks or so after your enrollment . If you send an email to help@healthykids.org with the name of the insurance provider you were assigned to, we can contact them to try and expedite mailing of the card.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  309. Good morning Ms. Auer,
    Please email help@healthykids.org with your children’s names and the family account number so that we can take a look at the plans that they are on with us. Regarding your second question, are you saying that you have them enrolled in Florida KidCare insurance, but you just found out that their father has them on his insurance? If that is the case, the children cannot have other insurance AND be a part of the Florida KidCare program. Additionally, this program is not considered secondary insurance and your monthly premium is determined by household income and family size. This message will be sent to the email address you have provided with your question.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  310. My daughter has been enrolled in the Medi-Kids Program which is set to take effect on the 1st January. I have received the payment stub documentation and have paid her premium early in december but have yet to receive her Insurance ID card. How long before we will receive her card?

  311. I need to know whether my paperwork has been recieved and if I my children are elgible for Healthykids. Please call me as I am unable to actually speak to a real person!

  312. 1)I have twins and received TWO DIFFERENT insurance plans.
    How do I request to make them the same?

    2) i just found out this is considered a secondary insurance since their father has them on a commercial health insurance.
    What are my deductibles as a secondary coverage?
    What would they be if it was the primary coverage?

    Thank you & HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  313. I applied for FL Kid Care for my kids back in September. I have yet to hear back. Can you please assist me?


  314. Hello i am trying to update my house hold address under my medicaid account. I moved to a different county in Florida. The link to do so says disabled bc this is a kidcare case. Who do I need to contact to update my address so my son’s medicaid will be activated.
    Thank you!!

  315. Hello Illisa Ammirato,
    You can answer no. The application instructions note that parent/guardian applicant’s can answer no to this question if the parent cancelled COBRA coverage or the COBRA coverage reached its legal limit.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  316. Why does the application ask if we’ve voluntarily cancelled insurance coverage for our children? I ask because I’m currently covering the kids through COBRA from my prior employer. I cannot afford it and while now, mid-december the kids are covered, I will have to drop the COBRA for the children and they will NOT be insured effective january 1st.
    I wasn’t sure how to fill out the application as this will change in the next few weeks.
    Is this a problem regarding eligibility for your insurance?

  317. I am trying to find out who I can talk to about my premium amounts. Presently I am being charged $133.00 per month for my child’s coverage. There are ladies who work here at the office with me who only pay $15.00, they make more than I do plus they are both married (I am a single parent of one). A few months back my payments went back down to $15.00 and I could breathe and get the things that my daughter needed while I am presently a full time student in college and holding a full time job. Suddenly though they skyrocketed back to $133.00 per month. Is there any way my case can be reviewed to see if I am being overcharged.

  318. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for contacting us. The great thing about the Florida KidCare is that it is available for ALL children, regardless of income. The program is still available for families with income above the 200% federal poverty level (FPL); however, it is at full pay instead of the subsidized pay. Depending on the age of your children, the full pay option ranges from $121 to $196 per child. However, we encourage you to go ahead and complete an application and submit it so that it can be reviewed for an accurate determination of your monthly premium. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. You can also call 1-888-540-5437 for more information or visit http://www.floridakidcare.org to learn more.

    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  319. I make a few thousand more than the 200% poverty level for my bracket, yet, I can’t afford to cover my kids, myself, and my wife. Is there really no assistance even for those who are on the borderline of the figure? Should I still apply? Are there any other considerations at play? Such as a single income house hold? Poor options provided by small business employer? Thanks.

  320. Hello Ms. Murphy,

    We apologize for the delay. Most likely, your application is still in the review process which can take up to 6-8 weeks. If you send an email to help@healthykids.org and provide your account number, I will have someone take a look at the account status. You can also review your account status here: https://www.healthykids.org/account/ by using the family/case number you were temporarily assigned.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  321. How can I get in contact with someone(a person) regarding my application for my children, The automated system only says that it is processing but it has been well over 30 days since my application. 10/3/11 and that I would receive something in the mail at around 30 days, and so far no letters. nothing.

  322. Hi I applied for Kidcare before my son was born, I was transferred to Medicaid because of his age. On October 25 we celebrated his 1st birthday. Medicaid sent me a letter that I would be transferred back to Kidcare and that I did not need to reapply, that they would send the information. I called Kidcare a few weeks later, since I had heard not a peep. I was told that my son’s application was never received, to my surprise! I updated the previous year’s application over the phone with a very nice associate who gave me the email address to where I need to send the paycheck stubs. I sent them on Thursday, I have tried to call the hotline to update my address and speak to an associate to see if my stubs where received. My son has been touching both his ears, slamming his hand into them and putting his fingers in them. He has something going on with them. I need to take him to the doctor and I am not able to cover the costs. Please let me know how our application is doing, since this the ball was dropped with the renewal and now my son has not had insurance since the end of October.

    Thank you


  323. La ley federal exige que los niños cuyas familias tiene determinado ingreso sean referidos a KidCare Medicaid para determiner su eligibilidad. De acuerdo a nuestros registros su niño(s) podría ser elegible para KidCare Medicaid.

    Permítanos recordarle que todas las aplicaciones para Medicaid y/o Florida KidCare deben reflejar el mismo ingreso, esto permitirá procesar de manera correcta la información de su niño.

    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  324. hace 2 meses aplique para el florida healthy kids porque medicaid era solo para “medically needy” mi esposo y yo estamos por debajo del income q se nesesita para q mis ninas tengan cobertura . Yo llame a florida healthy kids hace 2 semanas y mi dicen q ustedes pasaron mis requisitos para medicaid! acabo de hablar con medicaid y me siguen diciendo lo mismo ellas solo tienen “medically needy” necesito por favor alguien q me allude a conserguir la cobertura de mis hija mi nina mayor necesita ir a ver un medico y yo no tengo los recursos de dinero para llevarla gracias

  325. Mr. Pujols,
    We apologize for the extreme delay. Our legal person has been traveling quite a bit for the past month or so. Again, we do apologize and we will review as soon as possible.
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  326. Hello I just got a letter saying my child does not qualify for Kid care because she is on Medicaid. But her Medicaid is for “medically needy” which means we have to spend 2658 every month before insurance kicks in. I was told I could apply for kidcare instead. Also the address used to send me the denial letter was 3 addresses ago which makes me wonder what info they were even looking at. I called the number on the letter but of course I can’t get to a live person. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  327. Mr. Pujols,

    Yes we did receive it. We apologize for the delay as we have had a bit of a back log. We are processing it this week, no later than first of next week.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  328. Hello Ms. Kamaras,
    Your son’s dental provider is DentaQuest. If you have specific questions regarding dental, you can reach them toll-free at: 1-800-964-7811.
    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  329. Hello,I hope you can help me! My 12 year old son is on the Staywell Kids program,and according to the handbook,his dental services are not covered. Can you please tell me who his dental insurance provider is supposed to be,and if this will be an extra cost in addition to his monthly Staywell Kids fee? I live in Kissimmee,Florida.Thank you,and I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely,Laura J. Kamaras

  330. Hi Lori,

    No, they would not have a period when they are uninsured if you tell us ahead of time when your ocverage will end. For example, if you know that their coverage with the current company will end October 31, then you would call us at 1-800-821-5437 to advise that the coverage is ending. We would then process the Florida KidCare coverage for an effective date of November 1.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  331. My childrens insurances ends every month until I pay the premium. At that time I would be able to have the insurance approved? Would I have to have them uninsured for a period of time?

    Thank you for your assistance

  332. Hi Lori,
    No your application will not be denied. We will go ahead and process the paperwork; however, the children will not be approved for Florida KidCare until their current insurance has ended.
    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  333. Hi,
    My kids currently have insurance that I pay for myself seeing I cant afford the premiums through my work, but it is a very high deductible 10K. My son is possibly going to need surgery in the near future. I applied for healthy kids 2 days ago. I know that I will need to be full pay, and I dont have a problem with that. Is my application going to be denied seeing he currently has coverage? I will be mailing in my paystubs on Monday. Any assistance you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

  334. All I was given was a confirmation number, not an account number. The “my account” tab will not let me register to log on. I did the application online, got the confirmation number, and sent in the other paperwork the next day. So far I’ve heard nothing. I’ve been through the automated system that acknowledges receipt of the application but it doesn’t tell you anything and there is no way to talk to a person.

    Hopefully your previous email did not imply that there is no way to talk to someone about the application.

  335. Is there some way to find out the status of an application? We recently finalized the adoption of my son (who was on Medicaid), and applied for kidcare over a month ago. His Medicaid expires 9/30 and I had hoped to have him on your program when it ends. I can’t find a way to talk to a live person! Please help!

  336. Good morning Beth,

    We will follow up with United Healthcare and DentaQuest to have them expedite your cards to you. This may take another couple of days, but we wanted you to know that we are working with the two companies to get you the information as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay.

    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  337. My son got signed up with United Healthcare & DentaQuest through Healthy Kids effective Sept 1st & I have STILL not received his ID cards yet. How long does it take to receive these items?!

  338. Hello Doreen,

    If you have not yet submitted the application then you should be able to edit that section with your college daughter’s information. If you have submitted the application, please provide the confirmation number or SSN number of your daughter in college and we can have her name removed.

    Please note that your daughter that is in college is technically still a dependent so you can list her in your household size and if child she is under age 19, then she can still participate on the program.

    Thank you-Florida Healthy Kids

  339. i am doing the application and i accidentally added my daughter who is in college it cant seem to figure out how to remove her

  340. Mr. Pujols,
    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this type of situation. The answer to your question is two-fold.

    The parent that enrolls the child in the program is the primary account holder and all information goes to them unless they sign a release waiver listing your name. The insurance information under Florida KidCare that you are allowed to have is based on Florida statutes and is very limited and requires proof of identity/relationship.

    To prove you are the father, we need an official document such as a birth certificate of the children with your name listed as the father or a divorce decree that names the children, as well as a photo ID. Once that information is received, the Florida Statutes advise that we can only provide the following information: we can confirm if the child is or is not covered under the program, what health/dental plan they are covered under, the amount of the monthly premium, and the dates of coverage.

    Please send your proof of identity/relationship and a photo ID to Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, 661 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Attention: Jennifer Kiser Lloyd. We will respond promptly.
    Thank you-Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  341. I share custody of my children. They live with their Mother. She has them on Kid Care insurance, but has not/will not provide me with copies of their insurance cards. As their Father, with full legal rights to their medical information, am I able to get insurance cards or other insurance information through you? I fear I will never see anything coming from their Mother. Thank you.

  342. I paid my past due amount of $10.00 this morning using my credit card and it still does not show it has posted to the account yet. My son just got put on Healthy kids as of yesterday and the only way I knew this was to look on the website because I havent gotten any letters or ins. cards in the mail at all. I just noticed this morning that his account was $10.00 past due and the only reason it is past due was because I had no idea he even had this insurance until today. When will the payment go into the account and will he be cancelled since the payment is 1 day late??


  343. Good morning Armando,

    If you apply under the full-pay option, you do not have go through the waiting period between ending coverage with your current insurance company and starting coverage with MediKids. Please note that when you apply there will still be a review process, which may take a few weeks but should not take the standard 6-8 weeks that we tell families.

  344. Hi,
    Here is my situation, my daughter is now 10 months old, she is with a private insurance but I will apply for Medikids as soon as she turn 1 year. I will enroll for the full pay option because of our household income, I want to know if enrolling for full pay will waive the 60 days waiting time? I don’t want to drop her insurance for 60 days plus the review timeframe. There is any way to waive the waiting period knowing that I will enroll for full pay plan?

  345. Hi John,

    Thank you for contacting us! Yes there is a website: http://www.healthykids.org will provide the information you are looking for. In general, Healthy Kids insures children 5-18 years old and covers doctor visits, immunizations, dental care, emergency care, and hospital stays among other things.

    Regarding the review process, if you are enrolling as a full pay family, the review process is much shorter than the standard 6-8 weeks that we normally tell applicants. However, it is difficult for us to give an exact timeframe of when your child(ren) will actually become active. For situations like these, we say up to about 4 weeks for review.

    Please contact us again if you have any more questions.

  346. I would like to know more about the Healthy Kids program and how it compares to private insurance I am looking at purchasing for my daughter. Is there a site that outlines exactly what the program covers?

    Also, I am pretty sure that I won’t meet the guidelines for reduced cost insurance – so is there a way to simply submit the application, agree to pay the full cost, and bypass any uneccessary review process?


  347. Hi Alondra,

    Florida KidCare does not deal with the office that handles food stamps and other government assistance so you do not have to worry about dealing with them regarding this health insurance program. You can go ahead and apply for Florida KidCare, and based on your current household income and family size, we will determine if you are eligible for the program. Go to http://www.floridakidcare.org to start your application process.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation
    (A Florida KidCare Partner)

  348. I use to recieved food stamp and medicaid for my kids but cancel everithing cause I decide to be with the father of my kids can I apply for florida kid care with out having to deal with yhe food stamp office I hate going to tjat office and sense I cancel everithing I dont think I have to

  349. Hello Armando,

    The answer to your question depends on several variables or situations:
    1. Because your daughter is under the age of one, she is not yet eligible for the Florida KidCare program. However, based on your income (which would have to be below 200% of the poverty line) she would be eligible for Medicaid and you would not have to drop your Blue Cross/Blue Shield unless you want to.

    2. If you are not eligible for Medicaid (because of income), you could wait 2 more months until your daughter is 1 and then apply for the Florida KidCare program called MediKids at the full pay option because you don’t meet the income requirements. Additionally, there would be a 60 day waiting period after you drop your insurance with Blue Cross to apply with Florida KidCare. However, there are a set of instructions that come with the Florida KidCare application. On those instructions are a list of situations that would waive the 60 day waiting period to apply.

    Please let us know if you need additional information or call 1-888-540-5347.

  350. Hi, I have my 10 months daughter is insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield but they are asking me for more money every time. I would like to apply in Florida Kids Care but the web says that it is for “insured children”. I don’t want to cancel her insurance until I know if she is eligible or until getting her into any of the programs, is that possible?

  351. We took our daughter to Coast Dental for a cleaning and checkup. She had one cavity. They scheduled an appointment for her to get a filling at 7:30 on a Monday morning. when we got there, they took her back and then a woman came out with a clipboard. She said that I’d have to pay $87 that day for my daughter to have a ‘plug’ for her filling. When I told her that I didn’t know this and hadn’t budgeted for it, she said she’d go get my daughter and we could just reschedule when I had the money. Can you believe this?! We were on Florida Healthy Kids because we didn’t HAVE money. I told her I’d have to put it on my credit card. And I still owe it to my credit card. Imagine if they are charging every single person $87 additional money for every single filling they do?! And they are the ONLY dental provider in the area for Florida Healthy Kids. This sounds like a racket. They’re also always trying to sell you expensive toothbrushes, treatments and toothpastes that they have displayed in their office. Can someone investigate this? I think this is so wrong, taking advantage of those who do not have much money and are stuck using them because they are the only place to take our kids!

  352. I am not able to email the applicaiton to you. But you can apply online at our website – http://www.healthykids.org and submit it electronically. Coverage is available for children from birth through age 18. A single application will coverage all children that reside in the same household. If you need us to mail one to you, please send me your address and we will be happy to mail one to you.
    Jennifer Lloyd – Healthy Kids

  353. I am requesting an application for my sons and myself.
    Please email.

    Thank you,

  354. i am requesting an application for my sons and myself.
    Please email

  355. Thank you for your message to Healthy Kids’ blog page. I understand that we have been working on your issue. If you still have questions, please let me know.

  356. She can apply for Florida KidCare and list herself as both the Parent on the account and as Child 1. SHe is a household of one and any income that she has.

  357. My girlfriend no longer lives with her parents, so she now lives with me and my parents. She is 18 and applied for medicaid, which was denied. She needs medical insurance. Can you help??

  358. Tell me how to get my daughter’s root canals and crowns paid. She fell at school and knocked her four front teeth out of the socket. two are decaying and need root canals and crowns. MCNA Dental have denied the root canals and crowns. Due to “accident or injury”. submit to health insurance. health insurance won’t cover because it’s dental. wow!!! what a loop hole to not fix my daughter’s teeth.. she is almost fourteen and never had a cavity in her adult teeth or any other dental work except cleanings. now two pretty front teeth are rotting and i have to pay it with child support money paid in advance that will come off her food and shelther. so much for caring about the child.

  359. I cannot find a way to ask a question from a real person. Qualifications for healthy kids say “uninsured”. My daughter has private insurance her dad pays for but he wants to switch to healthy kids. Does she qualify? Who’s income is it based on, mine or his? We are divorced.

  360. Healthy Kids is one part of Florida’s KidCare program. To qualify for any of the Florida KidCare program components other than Medicaid, such as Healthy Kids, a child must be uninsured at the time they apply for coverage. If a family drops other insurance coverage to apply for the program, there is a waiting period of 60 days to qualify for the subsidized coverage if your income would qualify you for the reduced coverage. During that 60 day waiting period, you can enroll in the program and pay the non-subsidized rate for Healthy Kids of $133 per child per month for medical and dental coverage and then your subsidized coverage, if income-eligible for subsidized, would kick-in. A child be insured and still be eligible and enroll in Medicaid, another program under Florida KidCare.

    There are 10 exceptions to the 60-day waiting period for the voluntary cancellation of existing insurance coverage. These exceptions can be found on the application packet for Florida KidCare. It would include situations where the cost of the coverage was more than 5% of your income, the parent with the coverage lost the job that provided the coverage, or the non-custodial parent dropped the coverage.

    The application must come from the parent with whom the child primarily resides. The child’s eligibility is based on the household size and income of the household in which the child primarily resides. If your child lives with you, your ex-husband’s income would not be counted towards eligibility. We would ask about any child support or alimony paid to you or the child, however, or any income you may pay out.

    I hope that answers your questions. If not, please feel free to email help@healthykids.org. The Florida KidCare Information line is also available at 1-888-540-5437 or online at http://www.floridakidcare.org or http://www.healthykids.org.

  361. Thank you for your email to Healthy Kids. I apologize for the delay in responding but for some reason, I was just notified of your Feb 14th post. If you still need assistance, please send me an email directly at lloydj@healthykids.org. I am not able to locate your account with just the information in your post.

    What you are seeing online may just be a timing issue between when your payment was received and processed and when the information shown online was last updated.

  362. email me to my email address , i need a reply before january 31st or i loose my chhild coverage thank you gladys celebi

  363. Florida Staywell Kids is the name of one of the health plans that participate in the Florida KidCare program. Enrollment in the Florida KidCare program is open to children who are under the age of 19 and meet other eligibility requirements. Many families pay $15 or $20 per month for coverage, some pay nothing and other pay more based on your household income. For more information on the Florida Kidcare program or to apply online, visit our website at http://www.floridakidcare.org.

  364. Thank you for your email. The information you received from our call center is incorrect. I have sent you a separate email to your address so we can address the incorrect information that you have received. As the application says at the top, Parent One must be from the Parent that the child lives with. I am sorry that you received wrong information and I hope that you will let us correct it as soon as possible

  365. I was informed by a CSR and a supervisor at the above toll free number, that Anthony can apply for Kids Care even if they do not reside with him. He has been court ordered to do so and that makes him the custodial parent for HEALTH INSURANCE ONLY. Furthermore, I was also advised to remove the children from my account and send a written letter in which I give Anthony permission to apply for health insurance as he has been ordered to. Lastly they requested to attach a copy of the final dissolution of marriage as proof. This way the account will be done under his name and with all his information as it should be. Please advise me if I was informed incorrectly and what is the next step Anthony should do? Thank you for your time.

  366. Because eligibility for the program is based on the household where your children reside, the application must come from their mother. Their mother can call and she what is needed to reactivate her old account under her information. If approved, you would be able to make the premium payments for your children.

  367. I have joint custody of my children (they live with their mother) and am court ordered to provide health insurance for our children. I cannot get a kids only policy for them at the present time due to the insurance companies pulling these policies. Can I get kidcare for them even if they don’t live with me? They used to have an account with their mother through Kidcare but she no longer wants the insurance under her name (no matter who pays). How do I get them to remove her name and add mine?? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  368. I am sorry that you have had such a hard time getting your application through the process. I am asking one of our specialists to reach out to you and see what the issues are with your application so we can resolve them.

  369. Found this by chance. I’ve been attempting to get healthy kids coverage for my kids for over 8 months now, and with every phone call, i get a request for more information of one sort or another to be faxed to them, which I promptly do, only to learn later that they apparently somehow didn’t get it or can’t find it. It’s virtually impossible to get a human on the phone. My kids haven’t been to the doctor in years and actually really need this, and financially – we do qualify. Last thing that happened, of course not surprisingly, after I sent in the new taxes to them, we got a letter saying that our application has been denied because it’s been over 120 days. Of course it has, as they keep losing or not getting my paperwork, no matter how I send it. The prospect of starting all over again does not appeal to me, and i CAN”T afford to wait another 6 months for a maybe. What am I supposed to do now? Can you PLEAS advise?
    Thank you.

  370. I have been a KidsCare member since 2004, and enjoyed your services. My monthly premium largely increased on my fixed Social Security income. I am struggling w/ this new payment amount, I have my own major medical expenses especially now being in Medicare’s “Donut Hole” and paying 100% for my own 9 prescription meds and Pacemaker. Who can I ask to reconsider my renewal premium. My income has not increased, and I cannot afford the new amount. I will be cancelled on 10/31/10. Please help me!

  371. Your son should roll right over into Healthy Kids coverage. Your child’s health plan may change as Healthy Kids may use a different health plan in your county than he has for Medikids. You may want to check on our website for what plan or plans are available in your county. We also have two dental plans available in each county.
    In the month that he turns 5, you should receive a letter from us letting you know that he will be transferred the next month to Healthy Kids. The letter will also tell you who his new health and dental plan will be and contact numbers for those plans. New ID cards would be sent from these plans too.

  372. Thanks for the feedback – comments like this help us improve our system and are always appreciated. I will get in touch with your represenative to see if they can make a note on your account. Thanks again!

  373. thank you. I hate to be a pill but this happens to us EVERY YEAR at renewal because we don’t get w-2’s…our income is sporadic from investment income and self-employment. Your forms only accommodate one month’s income and sometimes we don’t have any. That’s why I ALWAYS send the tax return AND Schedule C but it appears no one ever looks at it because they put him in Medicaid/Medicare one of them every year and every year we have to go through this.

  374. Is there a PH # we can call that an actual human being answers? My son’s Ins renewal has gotten totally messed up (they put him in Medicare when we DON’T qualify for it) and there is no menu option to talk to a human at 800 821 5437 (just tons of circular automated menus). Thank you!

  375. i would like to apply for my daughter again. i,ve fax in my application and mail one about 2 months ago, and haven;nt heard anything. Could you please get back to me? i really need this. Right now my daughter has no medical and i can’t afford to take her to the doctor. Please reply me. thank you

  376. nesesito saver que pasa con el seguro de mis hijos que todos los meses hay problema nunca me mandaron el libro de pagos eso es un desastre .nunca se si mis hijos tienen o no seguro medico por favor responder este email grasias ………………..

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