FAQ Fridays

We are feeling really generous today so we’re offering another 2-4-1 on our Frequently Asked Questions! We often get asked about physician selection; keep reading to get the best answers.

Q1. Will I be able to choose my child’s doctor?

A1. Yes. In Healthy Kids, your child will be enrolled in a health plan and you can select a doctor that participates with this health plan.

Q2. How will the doctor’s office know my child is covered through a Florida KidCare partner?

A2. Your Healthy Kids health plan and dental plan will send you an insurance card. You will present this card to the doctor’s office when receiving care. 

If you have other questions, visit our FAQ page: https://www.healthykids.org/healthykids/faq/index.php

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14 thoughts on “FAQ Fridays

  1. I am currently told I will lose my medicaid for my 13 yr old son. I have a family of 5 and I make less than the chart says for fam of 5 (chart says before taxes $1795, so I am confused why.) My question now is- we had been approved for medically necessary braces, back in March and he is getting treatment, NOW i am not sure how I will afford the 140 a month. Can he be covered if he was ALREADY APPROVED to get them through medicaid if we lose medicaid- if I apply for florida healthy kids (he is 13) Also,it says if your child 5-19 loses medicaid you may be eligible to keep medicaid for a minimum of 6 more months – max 12. What is the eligibility? While we are in a house under water like most- verge of losing everyything, went bankrupt :( the whole 9 yards) I am assuming the 2000 assests may be why we are losing medicaid. My husband is not working but has share of cost of nearly 300, I have share of cost of 1500, and my son 13 share of cost is 1500. This is absurd to me. I do not and neither does my son require that amount of medical needs to even get the share of cost covered to kick in the medicaid that would provide after share of cost is met. So to me, it is like pay out of pocket as if not having any coverage if we need anything at all during the month. I do not have the money for .
    So, my next question is, I read if I only apply for my children then the 2000 asset does not apply. Will this allow me to keep medicaid for my 13 year old? I have a 2 and 4 yr old and my 13 yr old. He requires more assistance than me. He sees the ortho for braces, and he is also with severe acne that the pediatrician could not help and refered him to a dermatologist. We are FINALLY getting results and now I will have NO MEDICAID as of Aug 1st.

    Not sure what to do, never been through this before, and at the time i need this the most I am losing the help?? still confused on how just over 1500 for a family of 5 (which is not much to make ends meet) but we are going to lose my older childs coverage.

    Sorry for the long message, a few questions and no answers. Please accept my gratitude for listening and hopefully providing some answers. I appreciate it.

  2. Good morning Meredith,

    The best way to find out which dentists in your area accept Florida KidCare coverage is to contact your dental plan provider. The number for DentaQuest is 1-800-964-7811. If you have MCNA Dental Plan coverage, they can be reached at 1-800-494-6262. Please note that orthodontic services are only covered by Florida KidCare if they are medically necessary.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  3. I s there an orthodontist in or around Charlotte, Sarasota or Lee county Florida that is on one of the kidcare dental plans?

  4. Good morning Meredith,

    Medically necessary includes hindrances that affect eating, speaking, breathing, etc. For more details, please call 1-888-540-5437.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  5. Good morning Jessica,

    If your dentist is interested in participating as a DentaQuest provider, they certainly can at their discretion. If they are interested, they can call our provider relations person to get them set up. Her name is Paula Kiger and she can be reached at (850) 224-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  6. Does the dental plan give out of network benefits on dentaquest or any of the other dental plans? If not how do I get my current dentist to participate?

  7. Good afternoon Dina,

    Braces are not covered under the Florida KidCare program unless deemed medically necessary.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

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