Meet our E.D.

I’m Rich Robleto, the Executive Director of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. I’m so glad we’ve found another place to chat! My hope is that we can use this blog as a place to spark healthy conversation about today’s health of Florida’s kids. I’d like this page to be a two-way street where we at FHKC can boil the latest health news, ideas and resources down to blurbs–and where you can ask questions and offer us feedback in real time so we can best assist your family’s needs.

lookingtothesideI want to personally thank you for stopping by and tell you a little about myself and Healthy Kids. I was born and educated in Philadelphia and raised my kids and developed my passion for health insurance in Delaware–but have found my home and heart in Tallahassee here at Healthy Kids. I enjoy math, baseball, fishing, golf and water color painting. I live for my family and two grandchildren, and love Disney World almost as much as kids do (but more so for the atmosphere than the rides)!

As parents, I think we can agree that the real value of health insurance for our children may not present itself on a daily basis. Sure, we are glad that we have it when the kids need to see a doctor and/or get a prescription or get their necessary vaccinations–but it’s when the unexpected happens that this benefit can prove its worth. And the trouble is, at that point it could be too late to get it.

Fire insurance companies won’t sell you a policy when your house in on fire. Auto insurers won’t take your application for insurance at the scene of the accident. And health insurers don’t want to take your application at the emergency room. That’s exactly why we need to keep reminding ourselves that no matter what, Kids Oughta Be Covered—at all times!

If you have a child or teen, we’d be pleased to have them join the thousands of other kids who receive the best, quality health benefits at an affordable price. Coverage includes doctor visits, immunizations, dental care, emergency care, hospital stays and much more so your children have less sick days and more time to shine in the classroom, in the studio, and on the field. What’s so remarkable about our coverage is that any parent can apply, regardless of employment or income.

Interested in enrolling? I encourage you to visit or call 1-888-540-KIDS (5437). Let’s continue to cover Florida’s future leaders, heroes and superstars. Thanks for stopping by and checking out what FHKC has to offer. We hear you and we’re so glad you’re here!

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  1. Señora Ariela: lamentamos las dificultades que ha tenido. Nos gustaría comunicarnos con usted lo más pronto posible. Para esto necesitamos su informacion de contacto y asi estar seguros de su número de cuenta correcto. Por favor podría usted enviar su nombre completo y la información de contacto a Estaremos pendientes de su e-mail y uno de nuestros agentes le va asistir para resolver sus inquietudes. Gracias!

  2. Hola señor Robleto o a quien concierna,

    I hope I get an answer, even if this message is in Spanish

    Hoy ha sido el dia mas frustrante para mi, despúes de llamar 4veces y con (2)de ellos supervisores. Mi prima es de $156 dolarés mensuales. Tengo dificultades de pagar esta cantidad los primeros dias del mes. Este mes pasado pague por telefono el dia 30 de Septiembre. Consulte primero con uno de sus representantes y me prometieron como siempre lo hacen, que siempre y cuando lo hiciera antes del ultimo dia del mes iba a estar bien.

    Señor pienso que una gran estafa lo que Florida Healthy Kids les hace a las personas, como engañan a los clientes. No cree usted que si ustedes FHK demanda el pago mensual en un dia especifico. Nosotros (los clientes) tenemos el mismo derecho a recibir cobertura por un mes(30 dias)
    Mi hija tenia su cita el dia 09/30/13 a las 9am. La oficina del Oftalmologo nunca pudo vericar covertura un dia antes , decia que estaba cancelada. Ahora, por el otro lado mi hijo necesita una cirugia en su boca, hoy es dia 9 del mes y hasta hoy mis hijos no tienen seguro. Eso quiere decir que FHK solo me da covertura de 15 a 20 dias.



    Quiero que sepa que desde el Lunes 10/07 estoy hablando con FHK. Frustrante despues de tantas promesa.


  3. It has been 10 days since my last inquiry, and 42 days since my first inquiry. I still have only received the one phone call from FHK on May 16th saying they would look into the problem and get back with me. This is my third attempt to get some contact in this page. I have also left 2 postings on the FHK facebook page- no response. I have also sent 2 messages through my FHK account on line. I have received no response. There is absolutely no reason for this lack of contact from FHK. As I previously stated I hav been working with the dental office since January on this problem. Your lack of attention, has given me no other choice. I will be contacting the Govenors office in the morning, in addition to looking into who else I can contact and what can be done to shed some light on this situation.

  4. Well it has been a month since I posted on this blog and made a comment on the FHK facebook page…I was contacted..ONCE…and was told FHK was going to look into the problem I was having with Dentaquest. I have not heard anything since that initial phone call saying they were going to look into it…How long should this take? Is there a reason I can’t be given the name and number of a contact person so I can call them to see what is going on? I would appreciate someone getting back with me, if I’m not home when you call please leave me a message with a name and number of who I can call back. Thanks

  5. I have been trying to reach a person for the last month concerning my son”s account. We have made all of the payment, yet we keep getting notices telling us that the coverage is being cancelled. It has come to the point of my children being turned away from the doctor this last week. Could you please contact me or allow me a phone number to reach an actual person and not an automated system.
    Thank you

  6. I am writing because I am having an issue with the dental plan. Our children are covered by Dentaquest. My 17 year old son needs his crown replaced. The crown he currently has was a pediatric crown placed on his tooth when he was 9 years old. Since January the dentist on the plan has submitted numerous documents and xrays showing that my sons gum is starting to swell and is now prone to infection. Dentaquest continues to deny the crown replacement. I have spoken with the escalation department at Dentaquest and my dentist has spoken with them and provided them with everything they requested. They just recently denied the claim again, stating that the tooth did not have enough decay on it for a crown? The tooth is not visiable because it has a crown on it! -that is currently 4mm off the gum line-showing that the current crown is falling off. I am at my wits end with dealing with dentaquest and so is my dentist. According to the coverage policy, crowns are covered. I get the feeling the just reject everything that comes accross their desk without even looking into it. Is there anything that can be done short of contacting the insurance commission. I am very concerned about my sons tooth, and am worried it may get infected. We have been working on this for 5 months.

    Thank you,

  7. Good morning Ms. Bergey,

    Your comment was edited to remove all personal identification such as account numbers and home address, and keep it in compliance with our comment policy. We have forwarded your comments/questions to our customer service department. You should receive a call or email soon. We do apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this situation has caused and we will work diligently to resolve the matter.

    Thank you,

  8. My 14 year old son has had Healthy Kids for about 4 years now. Every year I submit my documentation to renew and every year I follow up to make sure that Kid Care has everything they need. This year it took three submissions of the same information and six follow up phone calls but it finally got entered into the system.

    I got a renewal approval letter, and a new premium notice.

    Imagine my surprise when yesterday I got a letter from DCFS saying my Medicaid application had been rejected (I DID NOT APPLY FOR MEDICAID) and today I get a letter from Kid Care that my son’s coverage is being terminated as of 11/30/12 because I did not comply with the DCSF. I never applied for anything with DCFS. They never asked me for anything. When I got the notice yesterday, I called the number on the notice and left a message, no one called me back. Today, I have spent two and a half hours on the phone with both agencies only to be told that they cannot help me. DCFS says they cannot see any information on the case to contact KidCare. KidCare says that they cannot see any information and to contact DCFS.

    The result, my son will no longer have health insurance at the end of this month. Please help me.

    I have asked for a review of my son’s case with Kid Care, but they say they can’t help. I have asked to speak to supervisors, but they can’t help either. If anyone asked me for any information, I would supply it, but no one has asked me for anything. What am I supposed to do when two Government Agencies both say the other is responsible and they cannot help, and my son is stuck in the middle.

    Please tell me what I am supposed to do here. I cannot supply something that I have not been asked for and DCFS has never even heard of my needing.

    Please help me. I am a single mom taking care of an adult child with mental health problems, a fourteen year old, my ex-husband, and a household all by myself. With the economy the way it is, I have to work so hard just to make ends meet. I have not applied for Medicaid. I want to continue to pay what I can for my son’s insurance. I cannot afford to lose any more time from work to call people who will not help me anyway.


    Amy Bergey

  9. Good morning Ms. Slage,

    Thank you for contacting us. For information about doctors or suppliers, please contact Staywell directly at 1-866-698-5437 for assistance. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Thank you,

  10. My daughter has the Florida Healthy Kids Coverage through Staywell and we are having difficulties finding a supplier that will take this insurance. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump. This pump is medically necessary and requires cartridges and insets in order for her pump to function and for her to receive her daily insulin.
    Can you please help me with this issue?
    We were not having problems when Florida Healthy Kids offered the United Health Care coverage.
    We are now using samples that her Animas pump company provided and are not financially capable of paying out of pocket. Thanks! Kimberly Slage

  11. Thank you so much! The gentleman was able to answer all my questions and more! He was fantastic…

  12. Good morning again,
    Well I did contact the 800 number and ask if my documents were received. I was told yes but there seems to be an issue with the standard social security award letter????? Or he believes there may be? I could not get a straight answer really. This has been terribly frustrating. He said there was not a date on the letter, when in fact social security sends a letter at the beginning of each year and the deposit dates are clearly listed. The gentleman told me it would take 3 days to process the information, and I understand that but it has been over that now. Is there anyone who can give me correct information?


  13. Good morning Ms. Correnti,

    It may take a few days for the system to reflect that an application was received. Try calling back toward the end of this week for an update. The customer service number is 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,

  14. Hello,
    I have a special needs child who requires seizure meds. I have filled out the application, sent in income verification ect. I understand I will be paying the full amount but cannot get any answers as to where my application is in the process. I am terrified that she will have a gap in coverage switching from medicaid to healthy kids. Is there anything else I can do to make sure she has coverage during the switchover. Her medicaid is due to cancel on oct 31.

  15. Hello,

    Today (10/15/12) I received a letter from medicaid that as of 10/31/12 both of my childrens coverage will be dropped because I no longer qualify due to income. In the letter it also stated that they sent an application to you already on my behalf. When I called your office today, they told me nothing was received from medicaid. My concern is how I can possibly get this resolved before they lose their insurance in 2 weeks?

  16. Hello, my son has had florida healthkids staywell kids insurance for the last couple of years but I want to switch his PCP to a provider that only accepts Sunshine state kids. How do I switch my son’s insurance to the Sunshine kids version of kidcare and will my monthly payments change (I currently pay $133.00)? Also are the benefits different? and how long does it take for this change, if possible, to take effect? Any information would be helpful as he is having health issues currently. Thank you

  17. Hello again,
    I submitted pay stubs on the 28th of August to renew coverage. Do you have any idea how long it takes to receive a reply regarding status?


  18. Good afternoon Irma,
    Based on the information you have provided, it sounds like your children are enrolled in the Healthy Kids full pay option with dental. Vision screenings are covered under this program. Regarding copays, please visit:

    For dental copays, we encourage you to contact the provider you have been assigned to. It will be one of the following:

    DentaQuest, Inc. (A DentaQuest Company)
    Available Statewide

    MCNA Dental Plan
    Available Statewide
    Benefits by County

    Thank you,

  19. I currently submitted my application and income verification. The monthly premium would be $399 a month for 3 kids. Would this also cover vision and dental? Can you tell what my copay would be for each child..Thank you

  20. I renewed my application and it said I needed to submit income information. Can they be emailed to Healthy kids or do they have to be faxed?


  21. My daughter is new to Healthy Kids and so far I am not liking it. I can never talk to a human being. My daughter was placed on United Healthcare and was told by them that she was supposed to have the option of Vista or United. I was never given that option. Her PCP only accepts Vista. I need to get her changed soon. How do I get her changed as I refuse to use another PCP as he has been with my daughter for 8 years.

  22. If you can please help me. I have been going round and round about this issue, but am unable to reach a live person via phone. My August Healthy Kids premium is now past due. My daughter and son both are on the account. I need to cancel my daughter’s coverage, as she has SSI Medicaid (actually as of July, but I had to pay July’s premium to avoid cancellation of my son’s coverage). It is extremely frustrating as a working person to not have the option to talk to a representative, and to spend so much time on hold trying to navigate the system only to get nowhere. Thank you.

  23. Good morning Ms. Mitchell,

    The card is typically sent from the health plan provider within 2 weeks of your first day of coverage. And yes, you can use the insrance coverage now even without the card. Regarding, past bills, Florida KidCare only covers bills and services received for the dates you have coverage. For example if you were approved for July 1, 2012, any bills you received before this date will not be covered by Florida KidCare.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  24. I was wondering how long it takes to receive a card and can i use the insurance for my kids now as it ays active as of today. or do i wait for a card. also does kid care do anything for back bills in the last few months.

  25. Good morning Ms. Kowacz,

    We are so happy to hear that Florida Healthy Kids has been a benefit to you and your family. Please note that coverage is through age 18 until your daughter’s 19th birthday. If she is indeed turning 19, then her Healthy Kids coverage will end on the last day of her birth month.

    Regarding your next steps for coverage, unfortunately we do not have any recommendations as we only provide information for our program. We do apologize that we are unable to provide additionl suggestions for your daughter’s transition. Again, thank you for your kind words and your participation in the Florida Healthy Kids program.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  26. I would like to begin by saying how thankful I am for the excellent coverage and services my daughter has receive through the Florida Healthy Kids Program, it has been a really easy and straightforward plan for us. My daughter is about have that final birthday and will no longer be eligible. Do you have any suggestions on next steps to make sure she retains and affordable insurance? I thought I would receive information about this prior to her birthday but with it 2 weeks away I suppose that is not currently a part of the plan. I would be grateful for any assistance you might provide. Thank you!

  27. Good morning Lisa,

    The 5% over income that we refer to is health insurance outside of Florida KidCare. It does not apply to the program. So, if your income is above the 200% Federal Poverty Level, then your monthly premium would more than likely be full pay for each child with no subsidy.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  28. Hi, it’s Lisa again :)

    In an earlier post you discussed the 5% income limit for insurance from an employer. My husband’s job offers insurance, but it’s way out of our price range. In fact, it’s over $700 per month for them.

    I have 3 kids and the total cost per month from FHK is $466 ( I double checked and that’s the correct amount). That’s more than 5% of our monthly income, but it’s all 3 kids combined. What happens if the FHK combined monthly premium is more than 5% of monthly income?


  29. Good morning Lisa,

    Unfortunately federal and state laws have set 200% Federal Poverty Level for the State of Florida as part of the determining factor for premium payment. Those families that fall below the 200% pay $15 or $20 a month and those families that are above the 200% pay full price. At this time, there is no middle ground available and no legislation in place to change the mandates.

    However, you may want to have the $562 a month that you noted reviewed. If your two children are both between 1-4 years old, the payment should be $196 per child. If the two children are 5-18 years old, the payment should be $133 (with dental) per child. We encourage you to call 1-800-821-5437 to discuss the amount and ensure the accuracy.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  30. I have a question: Why does the premium increase so sharply when your income crosses the threshold of the poverty guidelines?

    Two of my three children don’t have insurance coverage because my husband makes $2000 over the guideline and our premium increased from $20pr/mo to $562pr/mo.
    That’s quite a difference and as a result of that increase, my 2 year old is the only coverage we can afford.

    Has anyone mentioned maybe a “middle ground” payment instead of this large increase? My kids can’t be the only ones who have fallen through the cracks. It’s a shame because the emergency room is now our primary doctor.


  31. Good afternoon Ms. Boynton,

    Please call the customer service line at 1-800-821-5437 to speak with a representative who can assist you with possible payment and reinitiation of coverage.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  32. My kids had Kidscare and we are still within the one year period. We stopped paying when my husband had gotten a job that had medical- he lost that job and has a new one now. Can we start paying again? I called and the automated offered me a payment to make? He will have benefits again in 3 months but right now I really need it for my oldest son as I cannot afford his ADHD medicine without it.

  33. Good morning Ms. Dolittle,

    Congratulations on the job offer and thank you for contacting us regarding Healthy Kids coverage. Our program is available to all families, regardless of income. However, the monthly premium you pay varies based on household income and family size. If you accepted the job and your income increases these are the following scenarios, which you may fall into:

    Income is below the 200% Federal Poverty Level you would pay $15 or $20 a month total for both children.
    Income is above the 200% Federal Poverty Level, you would pay $133 (includes dental) per child. This is called our full pay option and is available for any family.

    If you have additional questions, you can call our customer service line at 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  34. Hello, my children currently have FHK coverage. Both have Type 1 diabetes, so this insurance is extremely valuable and important to us. I am considering a job offer with insurance benefits, which would also increase our income. However, in considering this offer and investigating the insurance, I have found that in addition to the cost of covering my children, we would incur approximately $6000.00 out of pocket annually for the cost of copays/deductibles/coinsurance for test strips, insulin, and pump supplies. Later, when it is time to replace insulin pumps, it would be even more. Are these factors considered for continued coverage? Is there any way for me to be certain we will still be eligible for this insurance? With 2 kids having type 1 diabetes, it is way too valuable. I would not make enough extra money to cover all of those out of pocket expenses.


  35. Good afternoon Lisa,

    Thank you for contacting us. I am certainly sorry to hear about your current circumstances.

    Voluntary cancellation of health insurance does play a role in eligibility. However, we try to review such instances on a case by case basis. I encourage you to submit an application for us to review accurately (processing takes 4-6 weeks). Also, on your application, in the appropriate section, please explain your situation to assist with the review process.

    Thank you,
    Rich Robleto
    Executive Director
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  36. Hi Rich

    I have a 4 year child and my husband and father of this child quit his job with full benefits and left the country. He took all our money and I am a stay home mom.

    I was looking into getting health insurance and saw that since he voluntarily quit his job with benefits that I would not be able to get insurance through healthy kids and when I called and spoke with someone they also told me I was not eligible to apply.

    My son goes to a psychologist every week and has needs. I looked around at other insurance companies and nobody will insure him since he sees the psychologist and they say its a pre-existing and I have been told I need to just pay for cobra insurance.

    Can you please clarify as I find this hard to believe that my 4 year old can not get insured when it wasn’t his fault his father choose to leave, why should he suffer.

    I look forward to your response

  37. Good morning Ms. Rae,

    Let me first apologize for your experience this morning. Florida KidCare strives to provide quality customer service to all who call for information and/or assistance. Please know that this incident is not the best representation of our professionalism and service. In our supervisor trainings, we emphasize the importance of being respectful and helpful on each and every call, and we will continue to do so.

    Despite your initial experience, I am happy to hear that you were able to speak with Sean who was able to provide the assistance and information you needed.

    Again, please accept my apology on behalf of our customer service center for your experience this morning. We look forward to continuing to provide quality health care to your children.

    Thank you,
    Rich Robleto
    Executive Director
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  38. Dear Rich,

    I had to let you know what a horrible experience I had with a supervisor this morning. I spoke to “Anya” initially and she transferred me to a supervisor by the name of “Zulma”. I was calling because the numbers that were listed on my account were inflated and I was trying to explain that I was not receiving over $12,000 in child support, in fact, I hardly receive the court ordered amount. But she wouldn’t hear of it, wouldn’t take the time to listen to me, raised her voice repeatedly and eventually hung up on me. This is customer service? I am a working professional and I treat people with respect, period. I deal with all types of personalities on a daily basis and I would never do that to someone. Your supervisors need to be retrained on how to handle their calls.

    I pay the top of the premium and I find it disgusting that my call was handled in such a manner. I called back and “Sean” took my call. She was very helpful, professional and took the time to answer all of my questions. Perhaps your supervisors should learn from her.

    Meredith Rae

  39. Good morning Cindy,

    We are glad to help! And thank you for your suggestion. We will make sure to share it with senior management as we review ways to improve our customer service.

    Thank you,
    ~Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  40. Paula, Thank you so much for your quick response and great customer service! I did receive the paperwork you were able to obtain from UHC.

    I just want to say I only wish I would have found this site sooner. I was so tired and stressed out from the run around I was getting from the main Florida Kidcare number and from UHC. Maybe something could be done, to help people who need their situation escalated to a supervisor. Then train the supervisors to be knowledgeable that assistance is out there, and they will look into it and get back with the family. Just a suggestion…

    Thanks again,

  41. Thank you, I just received a phone call from Paula in your office. She said she will be assisting me with this matter. Provider said they would only issue a COC if the insurance was terminated. I look forward to working with your office to get this resolved.


  42. Help! My kids have been on Florida healthy kids since 2005. I have been served with court papers stating that I have not provided health care to my child. I have been trying to get help for 2 weeks now, and have been unable to get any. I have called the FHK customer service line and they refer me to United Health Care. I call UHC and they refer me to FHK. I need a letter showing that the insurance has been in effect , and has not been canceled-or stating that there has been no lapse in coverage. I really need to speak to someone other than a customer service rep. and when I ask to be transferred or for the name and number of someone that can assist me I get no help.

  43. Good afternoon Cindy,

    Your health plan provider should be able to provide a Certificate of Coverage (COC) as proof of a child having coverage. If you are still having trouble getting proof of insurance, please email and we will have our plan liaison contact them directly.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  44. Thank You so much!!!!
    Derik actually just called me and is helping me out…….I am so glad this blog is here to help us….I cant believe I got a response so quickly

    Thank You

  45. Good morning Ms. Boginsky,

    At this time, we need to research your account to determine why your premium increased, which we will submit for review today. Typically increases occur if the household income increases and that increase puts the household income above the 200% Federal Poverty Level, the premium amount moves to full pay.

    You should receive an email or phone call with an update.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  46. Hello,

    I have had both my kids with Healthy kids last year with no problems at all. I was pay $15 a month for a family of 4. Now this year I got 1 letter stating I would now have to pay $148 a month total for both which I was very surprised, but since I had no other choice, I paid. now I recieved a second letter stating that there was an error and now I have to pay $329 a month????? my income has not changed that much at all, and actually now we have a family of 5 since my father was injured and has moved in with us so I dont understand how it can jump from $15 for a family of 4….to $329 for afamily of 5?????
    I cannot afford to pay this high premium or anything close to that. I have called several times, and the reps answering the phone seem to be of no help.
    There insurance expires the end of march unless I pay the $329, of which I cant afford.

  47. Good morning Sajida,

    The premium amount each family pays is based on household size and income. Families with income below the 200% Federal Poverty Level typically qualify for the $15 or $20 monthly payment. Families with income higher than the 200% Federal Poverty Level qualify for the program as full pay, which under the Healthy Kids component of the program, is $133 a month and includes dental.

    If you would like to have your income reviewed again, please call 1-800-821-5437.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  48. Dear Sir, I had applied for foridakidcare for my daughter and was approved for forida healthy kids programme for which I was happy only to get dissappointed by the amount of $133.00 as the premium for the month. Idon’t understand why such a huge amount since the programme charges $15 -$20 as per the info.
    I cannot afford this. I really need this for her since she has not had any medical insurance since we moved here almost 10 years now.Kindly please verify this kind of payment for me.

  49. Good morning Ms. LeCroy,

    Please email with your family account number and a description of the issue you are having and the assistance you need. We will have someone review it promptly. We do apolgoize for the delayed responses thus far. It is our goal to provide quality customer service to all of our families. Going forward, we will do our best to assist you.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  50. Why do you not provide members the ability to speak directly with a Healthy Kids Corp employee when an issue has escalated beyond the call centers ability to fairly discuss an issue? I have repeatedly requested a contact name and number and my requests have been denied. My daughter’s health is at risk and your immediate attention is needed and I am told your expedited response takes 2 to 3 days. Our issue has occurred because of your mistakes and my daughter is the one paying the price.

  51. Please help. I have talked to over 10 people about this. It has been going on since 10/2011 My premium is $15.00 a month. There is a mistake in your system that says it is $211 a month. The insurance for my children has been canceled again for non-payment saying I still owe $196 This is not true. When I called back in October I was told they are sending a request to have it fixed as I only pay a premium of $15.00 month. Well once again I am being canceled again February 1st for non payment of money I do not owe. Was told again well we put in another request to fix it, but since it hasn’t been fixed yet since October I have to pay the $196 or be canceled. Are you serious? It shows in the system my amount is only $15.00 but since you all can not get it fixed my children will no longer have insurance????? I don’t have $196 to pay PLease get this straight as 2 of my children have appointments in February.

  52. Good morning Ms. Zambrano,

    Thank you for contacting us about your situation. We are sorry to hear that getting your son coverage has not been easy. Please look for an email from to discuss further.

    Thank you,
    Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  53. Hi Rich. I have been filling out applications online and at the medicaid office several times since I got pregnant last year. I have called many times for the “phone interview” to determine eligibility and I can’t get through. My son is now 2 mos and hes still uninsured. We owe thousands to the hospital and Doctors and they refuse to see him if we dont pay. Please, if you can tell me what to do to get my son insured I’d appreciate it. (My sons name is Nikolas Fuenmayor D.O.B. 11-9-11 born in Boca Raton Community Hospital)

    Thank you,

    Deon Zambrano

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