About FHK

Who Are We? The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation was established by the Florida Legislature as a public-private initiative to improve access to all-encompassing health coverage for Florida’s uninsured children. Florida Healthy Kids provides affordable, quality health insurance to children ages 5-18 who are not eligible for Medicaid. The Corporation is one of four Florida KidCare partners and is run by a Board of Directors that includes doctors, a dentist, hospital representatives, advocates, and state agency representatives.

What’s Important To Us ? The Healthy Kids mission is to assure access to quality health care services for Florida’s children by focusing on five main goals: quality, satisfaction, growth, advancement and effectiveness. We value family focus, cultural awareness, innovation, compassion and professionalism.

What Can We Do For You? Dental appointments, immunizations, emergencies, prescriptions and check-ups are just a few examples of what Healthy Kids coverage can provide for your child. Many eligible families pay just $15 or $20 a month, but most pay nothing at all! There is also a full-pay option for those families that do not qualify. Apply anytime with our open-year-round enrollment and get priceless peace of mind knowing that your little champions are covered.